Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy All Hallows' Eve!

~ Our 2011 Saintly Symbols :: Patron Saints ~

The children all decided to carve a symbol associated with their patron saints this year! 

St. James' Cross 
by Captain
(template here)

St. John's Chalice with Serpent 
by Rascal
(image found here)

"The Sons of Thunder Saint-O-Lanterns!"

St. Catherine of Alexandria's 
Crown with Heart 
by Twinkle Toes
(template here)

St. Clare's Monstrance 
by Chiquita (and mom)
(inspiration found here)

St. Michael's Flaming Sword 
by Snuggles (and mom)
(inspiration/image found here and here)

St. Therese's Rose 
by Rose (and mom)
(adapted from last year's larger Rose)
* Note:  It is much easier to carve a Rose on a large pumpkin...

If you carve a "Saint-O-Lantern" this year, be sure to share pictures at 
Catholic Cuisine's Saint-O-Lantern Link-up!

*All images on this blog Copyright Shower of Roses. 


  1. Those look GREAT! Good job to ALL the kids (& mom and dad!)

  2. FANTASTIC! Happy All Hallows' Eve! +JMJ+

  3. They are so beautiful and light the heart with JOY!

  4. WOW!!! :) Awesome :)

  5. Those are AWESOME! Very cool.

  6. So beautiful!! We celebrated All Hallow's Eve instead of Halloween for the first time this year :) (although our costumes weren't technically of Saints...) BUT, it was wonderful to join in the holiday with so much more meaning behind it. Thanks as always for your inspiration :)

  7. Wow! These are amazing! The sword is really a flaming sword!


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