Wednesday, September 21, 2011

St. Therese Lap Book

Last year I posted pictures from my oldest daughters St. Therese Lap Book.   With the feast of St. Therese coming up soon, I thought I would share pictures from Chiquita's St. Therese Lap Book, which she recently completed.  These Lap Books were made using the excellent St. Therese the Little Flower Faith Folder created by Holy Learning (previously Faith Folders for Catholics)!

Note: Unfortunately Holy Learning no longer seems to be active now either and I removed the link... It currently seems to be available here. 

~ Front Cover ~

Chiquita opted to use this lovely Rose Coloring Page (link removed since it was no longer active), printed onto Card Stock, for her lap book cover.   She also created her lap book using a 1 folder layout with an additional page/flap added inside. 

~ Inside First View ~ 

Left Flap:
  • "The Little Flower Timeline"
Front of Inserted Page:
  • Words of the Little Flower" Rose Shape Book
  • "Sacrifices for Jesus" Cone Pouch
  • "St. Therese Facts" Triple-Decker Book Set
  • "Our Lady of the Smile" Open the Doors Book
  • "The Infant Jesus of Prague" Open the Doors Book
Right Flap:
  • "Building My Own Little Way" Graduated Pages Book
  • "St. Therese the Little Flower Novenas" Pocket and Prayer Cards Set

~ Inside Second View ~ 

Left Flap:
  • "The Little Flower Timeline"
  • "The Martin Family" Open-Up Book Set
  • "The Road to Carmel" Pick-a-Tab Book
  • "The Martin Sisters" Square Fold-Out Book
Back of Inserted Page:
  • "The Process of Sainthood" Multiple Flaps Book
  • "Unlikely Patron of Missions" Rectangle Book
  • "Doctors of the Church" Square Fold-Up Book
  • "Sacrifices and the Little Way" Heart Shape Book
  • "Discalced Carmelites" Pentagon Book

~ Back Cover ~ 

My children love all of the paper dolls at Paper Dali, and Chiqita decided to create a pocket on the back cover of her lap book for her St. Therese paper doll

She used a lovely St. Therese Coloring Page from Waltzing Matilda for the outside of the Paper Doll pocket. 

Before I go, here is a list from last year (which I will probably update and re-post next week if I have the time) with other Ideas for Celebrating the Feast of St. Therese, or you can browse through all our past St. Therese posts here!   


  1. These lap books are so neat. I've never made one, but I think I'm going to give this a try for my coop class- the only problem is that they might not be so keen on pink and flowers since they are all boys!

  2. The Lap Book comes with some great cover options... My girls just decided to go with lots of extra roses for St. Therese. :)

    My boys are still working on this particular Lap Book, and one of them choose a Red File Folder, and the other Green (i think).

  3. What a beautiful lap book Chiquita did! Nice job Chiquita! Love the big rose .....

  4. This turned out beautifully! I'd like to give lap books a try this year. With this being our first year of homeschooling, I probably could find many to fit in here and there ... Is this part of your actual subjects (i.e., religion), or are they extra? I am trying to look for things that I can do with ALL of my children. You know, group subjects together. Trying to do things separately is a bit exhausting! The three oldest are in first, second and third grades ...

  5. P.S. Besides Faith Folders for Catholics, are there any other resources that you like?

  6. Sarah ~ It depends on the subject. Sometimes I plan them as part of our actual subjects, and sometimes they are extra. Usually it is the Catholic Lap Books that are supplemental, when we have the extra time.

    This year my daughter is making a Science Lap Book for Zoology (my boys wanted to try out the Journal this year for the first time) and they are all making Lap Books to go along with our American History plans (the boys are using Lap Book Printables from Homeschool in the Woods, and I think the girls will be mainly using the Free Historical American Girl printables from Homeschool Share). I also have my oldest daughter working on a First Confession Lap Book (Faith Folders for Catholics).

    You can find additional links in these older posts:

    On Lap Books

    Lap Book Links

  7. Hello! I can't find working links... does this lapbook still exist somewhere? I'd love to use it for my Little Flowers Club. Thank you!

    1. Hi! I know this is an old comment, but I just found it here:


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