Friday, September 16, 2011

Nesting Project #2

I have been wanting to paint the toddler bed for years, and yesterday I somehow managed to get it done, in between assembling closet organizers!   

I forgot to take a "before" picture, but here is one from last week, during nap time.   Rose finally agreed to sleep in the toddler bed (we have been trying to move her since she recently climbed/fell out of the crib), as long as the bumper was on the toddler bed for some reason.  

Since the crib is white, I decided to paint the toddler bed white to match.   I also thought the white would look nice against the Buttercream walls.     

I was so surprised at how easy it was to do, and I can't believe that I waited this long (6+ years) to paint that little bed!  
(When rearranging the furniture, I didn't really have anywhere, but at the base of the bed, for the little kitchen.  That doesn't look too bad, does it?) 

Even Rose was excited to sleep in her "new bed."  That is, just as long as we made sure to read/sing her latest favorite picture book!


  1. It came out great! And I like the position of the kitchen. Her bumper is so pretty, no wonder she wanted to sleep with it :)

  2. Awww! She is SO cute! Great job with the bed!

  3. Love the bed in white! I would love to paint ours! How did you paint it? Did you sand it first or just go straight to painting? What type of paint?? I'd love any tips you have!

  4. Kelly ~ Isn't the bumper pretty! I am really going to miss it, when I get the crib ready for the new baby... I'm not sure that it is "boyish" enough! ;)

    Jen ~ I didn't sand it down, but I did use a spray a can full of white primer first. I then just used 2 1/2 cans of semi-gloss white spray paint - applying one can at a time and then letting it dry. That was it. I have been thinking how cute it would be to paint or stencil on some flowers to the headboard. We'll see! :)

  5. Aww she has her doll! That makes me so happy! And the bed looks great!! Wanna come over and help me with some stuff?? lol

  6. Oh, Jessica, it turned out great!! She looks like such a big girl in that bed!! She's a doll.

    I'm not even thinking about nesting yet....I'll wait til Decmeber!!

    I just got my appointments though in the mail, and the countdown starts Sept 29 and goes down close to 30 appointments by Jan 5th.

    I might have to think of something to nest in the next 2 weeks,huh?

    We also have no place for baby's clothes, so baby will have to live out of bins for a while. At least til we figure out how to do all that.

    I have Bridget's clothes in the dresser we use for our changing table, because it's so convenient to have the clothes there. So, since both will be in diapers....bins will have to do!!


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