Thursday, September 29, 2011

IHS Candle Craft

Incorporating the IHS symbol, which is part of the symbol for St. Gertrude, we will be decorating candles for our 3rd Meeting for Wreath IV of our Little Flowers Girls' Club.   This meeting focuses on the Gift of Knowledge, St. Gertrude, the gemstone Topaz, as well as the symbol of "Fire" making this a perfect craft for this meeting!


White Pillar Candles
Gold Decorating Wax (I ordered this 12 pack from Stockmar/Amazon.  It is also available in a color combination pack from Magic Cabin.)
IHS Template
Xacto Knife

Pre-Meeting Prep:

Trace/Cut Letters from the Gold Decorating Wax using an X-acto Knife.


Peel the Gold IHS from the Backing paper.

Apply the letters to the candle.

Press with hand against candle, and the warmth/heat from your hand will adhere the wax letters to the wax candle.

Note: Another option for this November/Fall meeting would be to have the kids roll candles using a Beeswax Candle Kit (Magic Cabin also has a great Autumn Kit), in preparation for Thanksgiving!


  1. Hello

    I have enjoyed reading your website! I am planning to make the St. Gertrude candles with my Little Flowers group and was wondering where you purchased your candles.
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

    God Bless!

  2. Hello!

    Thank you for sharing your time and talents through this blog.
    I am planning on creating the St. Gertrude candles and was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased your bulk pillar candle pack?

    God Bless!

  3. Hello Allegra,

    I found the pillar candles, in three packs, at a local store and purchased them when they had a buy-one-get-one sale. I am sure you could also find them at Hobby Stores (I had planned to look at Michaels, since I have purchased similar candles from them in the past) as well.

    I did notice when I was looking that they can be expensive (about $8 for three) without a coupon/sale to help offset the cost.


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