Monday, August 29, 2011

Back-to-School Schultütes

The past couple years I have surprised my kids with Schultütes on their first day of school.  Our first day of school is not until September 6th and I usually wait until the night before to make the Schultütes, but since this week is going to be extremely busy, starting with our oldest daughter's birthday party tomorrow followed by a family vacation, and since my original plans for Saturday were cancelled since Hubby was away on a fire assignment (He was sent out this past Wednesday and surprised us by arriving home early last night!!!), I assembled them on Saturday morning and placed them on the school room table.   Now, for some reason, my children can hardly wait to start school!   ;)

Usually I use wrapping paper to cover our Schultütes, but this year I just purchased colored poster boards from the Dollar Store (2 for $1) and tied a Patron of Students Back-to-School Treat to the top of each.   I also made two mini Schultütes out of one additional piece of white cardstock for our two "pre-schoolers."

This year I also had fun creating little notes (inspired by a google search) to go along with each of the school supplies and treats   Shhhh!!! The contents vary by child, but here's a sneak peek as some of the things that will be found inside:

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Colored Pencils
Glitter Markers

Packs of Gum
Hello Kitty Notebooks and Journals (girls)

Pencil and Crayon Sharpeners
NHL Composition Notebooks (boys)
Dot to Dot Game Pads

A Mini Barn Owl Puppet for Snuggles
Fruit by the Foot

If you'd like to use any of my tags, you can download them here.    

I use a combination of these two tutorials, with a couple little modifications of my own:

Easy Schultüte Tutorial form Praying for Grace
I can't believe our summer is almost over already!!  


  1. Jessica,

    I love the little notes you put with many of the little gifts; makes it extra special!

  2. Really cute. I will save this idea. Thanks!


  3. Ahh. You are so sweet!! Your notes made me think of the special touches my mom would always put on things. They are remembered to this day. All those little extra things you do for your children will be tucked away with memories of love:o) Go mama!!

  4. Hi! I remember seeing your schultutes shortly after our last schoolyear began & came back today to find the instructions to make some for our first day this year (we're starting next Tuesday, too, lol :).... And your little notes are so sweet!! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, and esp. the downloads!


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