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Organizing the School Room :: A Used Book Sale!

In a recent Daybook post I asked for suggestions on the best way to go about selling some of our books that we have duplicates of or are just sitting on our shelves, to make room (and a little money) for next year's school books. After a bit of encouragement from a couple visitors (who mentioned Tracy's recent Used Book Post), I decided to go ahead and try listing them here at Shower of Roses!  I hope you all don't mind.  :)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the books, please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you my PayPal info. (If you'd rather not leave your email address, you can email me directly at jessica(dot)showerofroses(at)gmail(dot)com) Please add $5 to your order to cover the cost of packaging and media rate in the continental U.S. unless you want a lot of books, then the shipping might be a little more, and I will get back to you with the actual shipping total.

I still have a ton of books to sift through, and I may end up adding to this post, but at least this is a start.  Here is what I have available so far:

UPDATE :: Thank you all so much for your interest and purchases!   I've updated this post, listing all the books that have sold, or that have sales pending, and have also reduced the prices on some of the remaining items.   Thank you again!! 

7/11:  The sales on a couple items fell through. Those items are now updated as available.  

These are all in like new condition, though a couple have a little shelf wear to the covers:

These Voyages in English Books are reprints of the 1950's Catholic Editions, complete with lovely old fashioned illustrations. They are all in Like New condition and I would prefer to sell all three of these books together for $20.00. (Sold)

Handwriting Without Tears Teacher's Guides that I no longer need, these are the old editions, but they are all in excellent condition.    Asking $5.00 each or all four for $18.00. 

This set of Science books/materials is used by Kolbe Academy in the 1st-4th Grades - I purchased it all used from Amazon, Ebay and Cathswap.   I have the Grades 1-4 texts, two workbooks for Grades 1-2, and the Course Plans for 1st and 2nd  Grade.    I would prefer to sell all the Harcourt materials together for $50.00.  

All of these various science books are in very good/like new condition, with only a little shelf wear to the covers:

This United States Map Felt Board set is great for teaching the states, capitals, rivers, oceans, lakes and mountain ranges. It is still in nearly perfect condition, asking $10.00 (Sold).

Various History and Religion Books - we happen to have duplicates of all these great books  :

This Manipulative Kit includes Hundred's Board, 1 Mini Clocks, 77 (of 100) Plastic Pattern Blocks, 2 Geoboards with Rubber Bands, Tangrams, 100 Color Tiles, 100 MathLink Cubes, 48 Baby Bear Counters, Double-Nine Dominoes, and Tote Tray with Lid.  Does not include beginner's balance board, one of the clocks, and rulers. 

Various card games and math manipulative items:

Various Art Books, all in very good condition:

The following are all wonderful books, we just happen to have duplicate copies on our bookshelves.  They are all in very good condition:

Set of 6 Saint Joseph Coloring Books, all in new condition.  I have 8 sets 0 sets of these 6 books, and I'm asking $5.00 for each set of 6 (All Sold).   Includes:

Various Coloring Books and Workbooks, most from Our Lady of Victory, in new condition:

Various Books, Workbooks and Coloring Books - all in like new condition:

This 5 Volume collection of The Church's Year of Grace by Dr. Pius Parsch, was published in the 1950's.   Volume One: Advent to Christmas, Volume Two: Septuagesima to Holy Saturday, Volume Three: Easter to Pentecost, Volume Four: June, July, August, and Volume Five: September, October, November.  The dust covers have wear due to their age, but the books themselves are in excellent condition.    (You can read a little more about this set here.) Asking $50.00 for the set (Sold) 

I also have the following picture books that I would like to sell - most of these are duplicates of books we already own and in like new condition:

Here is a variety of other miscellaneous books, dvds, and cds:

Thanks for taking a look!
May God bless you and your families! 


  1. Could I please have the following:

    Telling Time with Flashcards - $6
    How to Draw Animals - $7
    One set of St. Joseph Coloring Books - $5
    24 Catholic Songs for Children - $2.50

    Thank you! laurel stein at gmail dot com (no spaces, of course!)

  2. Hello, I am interested in a couple sets of coloring books. My children are all 5 & under - is there anything else on the list I should have another look at? I'm sending my oldest to Kindergarten at our local Catholic school so I don't need the curriculum stuff so much, but I like the religious books you've recommended in the past. I am jen dot e dot andrews at gmail dot com.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    If still available, can I purchase the following two items from you?

    Exploring Creation with Astromony $25
    Woodn Alacus $8


  4. Hi!
    I would love the
    Saxon K $35
    Handwriting without tears $18
    St. George and the Dragon $5
    St. Francis of Assissi $5?

    Thank you!
    linders23 at yahoo dot com

  5. Stations of the Cross Coloring Book
    Coloring Book about Lent
    Easter Coloring Book
    ABC Coloring Book
    Coloring Book about the Rosary
    Coloring Book about Angels

    I would like 3 sets

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Someone may already have suggested this to you, but if you there are items that don't sell from your blog posts, you might try CathSwap. Have you heard of CathSwap? It is a yahoo group designed specifically for the buying and selling of used Catholic home schooling materials between group members.

  7. • Religion 1 for Young Catholics,
    • Religion 2 for Young Catholics
    Exploring Creation with Astronomy
    Shh! We're Writing the Constitution
    Student Clocks - Set of 2,

  8. sorry my email is

  9. Jessica,
    If they are still available, I would like the Saxon math 1 and the Saxon Home Study Manipulative Kit.
    Thank you,

  10. Thank you all (that have left comments here or have sent emails) for your interest!

    I am trying to keep the post updated with what has sold and what has sales pending, to avoid any possible confusion.

    J.C. ~ Back in 2007 I used Cathswap ALL the time and loved it. I still am a member, and receive the emails, etc. but for some reason it overwhelms me and I haven't had much luck selling any of the items I've posted in the more recent years. Personally I like to see pictures, and figured that others might be the same way, but it might be a good idea to at least post a link to this post over there. I will wait though, in order to give all my visitors here first dibs. ;)

  11. I would be interested in the felt USA board (others too but they sold!).

    nmlove (dot) 123 @ gmail (dot) com

  12. Shopping for myself here. If you still have Christmas Joy and Jane Austin's Guide to Manners. Thanks, rjelias at roadrunner dot com !

  13. Hi, I would like -Alphabet, Colors, and Shapes (My Little Heavenly Helper)
    Lorie P.

  14. I would like one copy of The Courage to Be Catholic if it is still available. Thank you!
    scgbraud at gmail dot com

  15. Hi Jessica, love your sale. I'm interested in the following if they are still available:
    Bible Pictures to Color $2.50
    Primary Skills Workbook - Writing Capital and Small Letters $2.50
    Ready for Writing, Asking $3.00


  16. Hi Jessica. This is a great idea. I'd like to purchase the Christmas Shoes collection if it's still available. Thanks!

  17. Jessica,
    Man, I wish I had found this sooner! LOL. I would like to please buy the following items:
    Saxon Math 2 Home Study Kit
    Saxon Math 3 Home Study Kit
    Cranium Zigity
    My email is shaffer 834 at netzero dot com. Thank you so much and God bless!

  18. I'm sorry... Can I change that to only the Saxon 2 and Cranium Zigity? Thank you! (No Saxon 3)

  19. Jodi ~ I am holding those two items for you, but I am having a little trouble with your email address. I will try and contact you through your blog, but if you see this comment, please send a paypal payment of $60.00 ($50 for the Saxon 2, $5 for Ziggity and $5 for s/h) to jessica (dot) showerofroses (at) gmail (dot) com along with your mailing address and I will get them in the mail to you. Thank you!

  20. At this point I have responded back to everyone's requests, so if you haven't heard from me, please let me know!

    I am hoping to get all the packages (that I have receive payment for by the end of the weekend) to the post office on Monday.

    Thank you all so much for your purchases! This has been such a huge help! :)

  21. Hi Jessica, i did not get an email from you in response to my request to buy three items. or maybe I accidentally deleted it. I can be reached at I'll look for your email telling me how to make payment through paypal to you. thanks

  22. Gardenia ~ I just resent the email. If you still don't receive it, please send $13 ($8, plus $5 s/h) to jessica (dot) showerofroses (at) gmail (dot) com and I will get the three books you requested in the mail. Thank you!!

  23. Hi jessica,
    if still available, could I buy Adam of the road, If you lived with the Sioux indians, Beorn the Proud, and A miracle for St. Cecelias? my e-mail is eyeu1996ataoldotcom

  24. Oh - I knew I should have been faster this morning. Anonymous just "ordered" what I had I my wish list! =) But I would still be interested in buying:
    Children's Retreat
    Usborne Encl. of Science
    Papercraft book
    klein at neofast dot net

  25. Jessica,
    I sent payment to you via e- mail. If you get a chance, could you let me know that you received it? I've never used PayPal to send money directly to someone before and I just want to make sure it worked. Thank you!

  26. I sent you an email with questions regarding the Daily Language Reviews. Thanks for sharing your surplus!

  27. Jodi ~ I did receive the payment and I will mail your books, along with all the others, on Monday! Thanks!

  28. This is a wonderful idea. praise God that you have found success!

    FYI, Kolbe used books may be resold to Kolbe Academy for 30% of the current catalog price. Also, Kolbe highly discourages the resale of their course plans and supporting materials.

    Prayers for another fruitful homeschooling year.

    Pax Christi - Lena

  29. Thanks, Lena! I was unaware of that! I actually purchased my Harcourt materials on Amazon and Ebay quite a few years ago (when my oldest two were in 1st and 2nd) and the Lesson Plans from another Mom on Cathswap. The price I am asking for the set is less than what I paid for the textbooks/workbooks (without the lesson plans)... Unfortunately we never used these books, and they have just sat on the bookshelf. I will have to look into selling the books to Kolbe, but I wonder if that policy applies to books that were not purchased from them? Anyhow, thanks again!


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