Friday, July 15, 2011

The Junior World Golf Championships

My little brother Kevin has been competing against other 15-17 year old boys from all over the world this week, at the 2011 Callaway Junior World Golf Championships!

We are so excited for him and have been watching the Leaderboard for updates.  Yesterday afternoon, following Round 3, cuts were made allowing only the top 50 players to continue on to the final round.    (At that time Kevin was tied for 13th place!)  It looks like he struggled a little bit today, but still finished with a tie for 21st place out of all 211 boys!

Congratulations Kevin! 


  1. Congrats to your brother. It looked like a wonderful experience & opportunity.

  2. That is so GREAT! So proud of you Kevin!!! Look out Tiger Woods!

  3. This is totally off topic and I apologize for it.

    I know you make chocolate pops with chocolate molds. I wanted to make owl shaped pops for my daughter's bday in a few weeks. I was able to find really cute owl molds. Is it as simple as buying the little chocolate bits from the craft store, melting in a double boiler, and pouring in? Or is there some important fact I am missing???

    Since this is off topic if you would rather e mail me:

    Thank you so much!!
    And Congrats Kevin!!

  4. keep up the nice work. We are all so proud of you!

  5. Jamie ~ No need to apologize! I tend to be much better at answering comments than I am at emails! ;)

    Yep... It is as easy as that, unless you have a microwave and choose to melt the candy that way instead. A double boiler works perfectly too, it just takes a little longer. After filling the mold with the melted candy, I usually pop it in the fridge so that they harden a little quicker. You'll be amazed at how easy it really is to make the cutest little candies. Happy birthday to your daughter!!


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