Monday, June 27, 2011

My Daybook :: June 27, 2011

Outside my window... another beautiful sunny day!  After two super busy weeks (Camping, Golf Camp) it was so nice to wake up with no where to go today!   Hopefully we can enjoy the lovely weather (highs in the 80's) before the rain clouds arrive tonight.

We have also been watching this momma deer and her little baby, who have been visiting each day/evening.

I am thinking... about ordering a Prenatal Body Pillow.  Have any of you ever tried one during pregnancy and, if so, did it help?   During my last pregnancy I considered getting this one, but after looking last night I noticed this one, and one made by Boppy as well.   I'm still leaning towards trying out that first one (especially since it is the least expensive, my sister-in-law had it and loved it, and it doesn't look quite as huge as the others), but thought I would ask here first for any thoughts and suggestions.

I am hoping... (and praying) for one of my sweet Little Flowers, as she prepares for heart surgery tomorrow.  Dear little St. Matthew Karol Snow please intercede for us!

I am praying... for the soul of my cousin Josh, who passed away in a car accident early yesterday morning, and for my Uncle Johnny, Aunt Jan, and his brothers who will miss him dearly.  May he rest in peace.

I am thankful... that despite the difficulty (or maybe I was just plain crazy) back in 2007, when my husband was on a fire assignment, I made a 1500+ mile drive with all 5 kids at the time (ages 6, 5, 3, 2, and 5 weeks at the time) on my own, to attend a family reunion.   It was the last time that all most of my mom's family has gotten together, except for the funerals of my grandparents and uncle.   It was also the first time that I had seen/met my cousin Josh since he was a baby.

Grandpa and Grandma with just a few of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  My cousin Josh is in the back row, third from the left, in between my brother Scott (white t-shirt) and sister JoAnn (pink t-shirt).

I can't believe how much my children have grown since that trip! 

From the kitchen...  we have a Tri-Tip marinating in the fridge to cook tonight, using the rotisserie over the grill.  I think I will also grill some veggies, make a pasta salad, and cut up a watermelon.  Yum!  

Learning all the time... the oldest three had SO. MUCH. FUN. attending Golf Camp last week.   I really wish it was offered again during the summer, and not just this one week.   My kids are already planning on attending next year.   On the last day, during the awards and recognition ceremony, both of the boys won prizes!  Captain won a prize for being the "Best Listener" of the week, and Rascal won a prize for "Best Overall improvement for Flying and Running." (He explained this to me, and from what I understood it has with how you get the ball to the hole when you are chipping, through the air or along the ground.) 

Living the Liturgical Year at Home... Wednesday is the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.   We are hoping to have some friends over to celebrate this feast day with us... I just need to come up with a plan!

I am creating... this week's Summer Bingo cards (we skipped last week, since we were so busy with Golf Camp) since I didn't have a chance to finish them over the weekend.

I am wearing... a white cami, black maternity sundress, and Designer Satin on my toenails. I love summertime!

I am reading... through the Wreath IV Leader's Guide for Little Flowers, trying to decide if I can modify the more advanced assignments for the younger girls in my group.   I also need to start coming up with craft ideas for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Pondering these words... on Intentional Prayer.

Noticing that... my keys have been missing for a little over a month now. I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that I happened to win the recent St. Anthony Giveaway for two SAG key fobs from Catholic Embroidery?!  I'm sure I would have found my keys by now, had I had one of these attached to my keys.  I suppose it is time to go have new keys made, and in the meantime I will attach the spare to the key fob so that I don't lose it as well! ;)

Towards personal care... I love BioFreeze!  My lower back muscles have been so sore, as everything starts to shift around, and it really helps.

I am listening... to Redwall which is playing on the iTouch's iHome at the moment.  The boys choose this audio book for their Bingo Cards this week.

Around the house... way too many books that we never/no longer use.  I'm thinking about trying to spend some time selling some of all our old school books, but not sure the best way to do so.  I have used Cathswap in the past...  Maybe I should give it another shot.  It would be nice to make room for next year's books, and also have a little extra money to purchase them with.

One of my favorite things...  my double jogging stroller! I don't know how I would have managed the parade on Saturday morning (hubby and the two oldest boys were camping with friends) without it. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:
  • Clean, clean, clean... Our home has fallen apart the last couple weeks!
  • I have an Ultrasound early Wednesday morning to check in on our new little one.
  • Sort through all the pictures from Catholic Family Camp, Little Flowers, and our small town parade... Maybe I will get around to posting a few of them!

A picture thought I am sharing:

Taken on Snuggle's 4th Birthday


  1. Jessica, I love, love, love your second pillow choice (the back 'n belly one). My DH gave it to me as a Christmas present when I was pregnant with our third and it was amazing. It does kick DH off my side of the bed but it helped so much. I love having both back and belly support and I lost little sleep switching sides as I have before with pillows tucked here and there.

    My SIL is using my pillow at the moment and I am sorely missing it already into this pregnancy!

  2. Thanks Nicole! Last night I slept with three pillows (one along my back, one between my knees, and one for my head) and I did sleep so much better, though I did have to adjust them during the night. I think that a pillow that is made for pregnancy would be SO helpful!

    I am curious. Do you have a King or Queen size bed? We have a King, so there is plenty of room, but those pillows (especially that 2nd option) look HUGE.

  3. I will continue to keep your cousin and his family in my prayers.

    I have used a big body pillow in the past during my pregnancies. Honestly, it was too big and I still had to use other pillows for my knees anyway. I like the first one you linked to. It's more compact and curves look like they would work well.

    Wishing you a lovely, relaxed summer day. Having a momma and baby deer visiting would be such a neat treat! Here's hoping that that bear stays far, far away. :/

  4. Thank you Kelly, especially for the prayers for my cousin and his family! My heart is just breaking for their family.

    Unfortunately the Momma deer did start out with two babies, and this week she has only been coming by with one. :'( Another reminder of all the wild animals we have around our home. . .

    The curves on the first pillow (and looking at the pictures) make it seem like the one that would work the best for me. I really should just ask my sister-in-law if she still has hers and try it out for a day or two before ordering one.

  5. I LOVE Biofreeze, too. We get plenty of samples since they are one of the supporting vendors for the chiropractic college where my husband works. We also have several sprays and gels for sore muscles.:) I also saw that your boys are listening to Redwall. My kids love that story. I loved hearing it on audiotape because of all the voices. I believe the author did many of them.:) Prayers for your family with the loss of your cousin. God Bless you all.:)

  6. Praying for your dear family!

    I LOVE the snoogle! My first pregnancy I slept with too many pillows to count, and so with my second I broke down and bought the snoogle! It was a wonderful purchase! We have a king size bed, and so there was plenty of room, and I think it took up less space than the additional three or four pillows I was sleeping with :)

  7. I have a king size and we still had room for DH to sleep in there. I personally do so much better with both back and belly support. Hope you can try one out and decide! One tip I found and was helpful was to open up a king size pillowcase (2 in my case) and cover the pillow with that to make washing easier since the covers are hard to get off.

  8. We are on our second busy week here and while the kids are having a great time I'm definitely getting a little tired! There is nothing much scheduled next week, so that will be nice. I'll have to get my summer bingo cards ready - I love that idea!

    I would love one of those pillows too, but my husband is concerned there won't be any room left for him! We have a queen and he's probably right. I do sleep. With a regular pillow between my knees and that helps a lot. Funny though, I just started doing it again, and I'm at 28 weeks! You'd think I would have remembered sooner!! Oh well, I'm thankful I finally did remember!

  9. Very sorry about your cousin, Jessica. Prayers for his family and the repose of his soul. Prayers also for Daisy and her family. +JMJ+

  10. Jessica,

    Many prayers for your cousin.

    Would it be possible to list the books you are getting rid of with prices on your blog? I had to stop getting all the Cathswap emails because it was just too much and I wonder if all of us readers would like a chance at those books? Just an idea from someone who loves your posts:)

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. I will say a prayer for his family. Oh, and I couldn't live without my snoogle (think that was your first choice). I've had it since my first pregnancy. your back will thank you. Since it's C-shaped, my husband does call it the 'endless sea(C)' between us. your back will thank you.

  12. I don't have a suggestion on the pregnancy pillow but I'm sure you'll choose a good one.

    How do u like the Redwall on audio? We listened to it back in September and became glued to the CD player.

    I've been using Cathswap quite often (lately). It's the better option for me in reselling our books. Then again, I did sell a lot of my materials at our SCCHE this past weekend. I sold everything super-duper cheap just to make room for newer stuff.

    Your cousin Josh and his family our in my prayers. The picture you shared of him make me sad young.
    Have a blessed week...

  13. I think the boppy one looks comfortable. I wish I would of bought something like that for this past pregnancy...ah time ;)

  14. Jessica, re weeding out your books that you no longer use: Tracy at Pinewood Castle yesterday posted a book sale of some of her books that she was finished using. I thought it was a great idea, and bought a few of her books. I'm sure if you posted some of your books for sale on your blog, you'd get many takers!! ((me included!) God bless...

  15. Hi Jessica. I have used the first pillow with some of my pregnancies; others it didn't work so well. When I needed the support it worked great! I'd try the first or second style; the boppy one looks way too bulky! Biofreeze is husband is a chiropractor, so we get it by the gallon! :)


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