Monday, June 27, 2011

In the Woods Today. . .

The past few weeks I have been receiving afternoon emails from my husband with more pictures of what he has been seeing while working.

Some days I just love the pictures he sends. . . 

Taken on June 20th
I just love seeing pictures of baby deer!

... other days, not so much! 

Taken on June 27th
Yep... He was only 2 feet away from this guy before hearing the rattle.  Scary! 


  1. Scary---he's looking straight at the camera (your husband!)!!!

  2. Oh MY! That picture made my blood run cold. How scary!

  3. I know! I couldn't believe he stopped long enough to take a picture before picking up a rock. . . There was no way he was going to leave that snake there to get him on the way back (there was just one way in and out of where he was headed). He wears his boots in the forest, but that was a BIG snake!

  4. I was thinking what a joy it would be to work in the woods watching mama deer and their babies... then the snake and thought, well, maybe not.

    Be careful!!!

  5. Oh my. My hubby was in beach water once when he saw a baby shark swimming around. I think a rattle snake would be a bit more frightening.


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