Monday, May 16, 2011

The Good Shepherd's Garden Party :: Week Three

The Heavens Tell God's Glory!

As spring from winter does succeed, and leaves the naked trees do dress:
The earth, once dead, is clothed in green, in sunshine each their joy express.
My sun's returned with healing wings, my soul and body do rejoice.
My heart exults and praises sings to God who hears my joyous voice.

~ The Garden of the Good Shepherd

Other than lightning, we pretty much had it all this past week: Sunny Days, Cloudy Days, Raining Days, Windy Days, it Hailed and we even spotted a Rainbow!

The week ended with an early morning trip to take Hubby to the airport (to fly off into the Heavens!) on his way to Michigan for training.   We miss him already!    Our Garden Party just wasn't the same without him, but it did help put some smiles back on our children's faces... It is going to be a long couple weeks!

Captain decided to set the table with our "Heavenly" tablecloth, covered with angels and roses, and the girls insisted that we use a few play silks like we did last year. . . How do they remember these things? 

The "morning" sickness has hit me full force, so to limit my time in the kitchen I made quite a few changes to the menu this week... Actually, I think the only thing I didn't change was the crushed ice Hail.  Here are a few pictures from our party:                 

~ The Sun ~
Inspired by Charlotte's party last year, we ended up making a Sun Pizza.   Originally I was going to make it like she made hers, but after seeing a DiGiorno Pizza with Breadsticks I thought it might be a slightly easier option.   

~ The Clouds ~
When we were picking up the pizza and fruit at the store, Captain spotted cream puffs and asked if we could use them for the clouds.   I thought it sounded like a good idea.  Yum!! 

~ The Rain ~
We already had "Rain" to drink, but with a little more Easter candy in the cupboard, the girls mentioned that the blue hershey kisses looked like raindrops.

~ The Lightning ~
Using the Lightning Bolt "Straw" printout as a template I made lightning bolt cookies, with a little extra cookie dough that I still had in the fridge. 

~ The Wind ~
Though not the calmest wind, my children LOVED having some Bugles mini Tornadoes as part of our party! 

~ The Rainbow ~
This year, instead of the Rainbow Kabobs, we opted for a Fruit Rainbow with Whipped Cream Clouds. I thought it turned out so pretty! I've been wanting to make one ever since seeing the Fruit Rainbow Robina made on St. Patrick's Day.  

~ The Hail ~
Twinkle Toes filled all the glasses with "Hail" while Rascal filled them up with "Rain."

I happened to catch Rascal teasing his little sister in this picture...

She knew he was teasing her, started giggling, and then watched to make sure he finished filling up her glass.  

These Garden Parties are turning out to be the highlight of the week for our little Snuggles, who has always been the most pickiest eater ever!  He just loves them, and gets so excited...

I just love that even though I spent only a few minutes glancing over last year's parties/plans, and made a quick stop at the store on the way home from the airport, everything fell into place for this party.   The Good Shepherd Garden Parties have been such a blessing for my family, and truly help extend the happiness and joy of Easter throughout the whole Easter season for my children. 

I can't wait to see everyone else's Garden Parties over at Catholic Cuisine


  1. I love all the creativity I'm seeing! raindrop kisses... awesome! Your rainbow looked beautiful! And I love the bugle tornadoes and cream puffs are a great idea for clouds!

  2. Everything is beautiful...even despite your baby sickies! I hadn't seen the fruit it! I really like all of your changes. Oh boy can I relate to a dear husband's absence...I will be adding your family to my daily prayers:-)

  3. I love this party!! For it's simplicity and creativeness! Perfect on both accounts.

    The rainbow is, indeed, beautiful! And the pizza sun is a nice alternative main dish to the pasta.

    And I agree with you. These parties are not only much anticipated but they've also been such a blessing. The kids get so much out of it.

  4. Lovely. the heavenly tablecloth and those play silks are perfect for the party. I love all your (and your children's!!!) creativity. lovelove the cream puffs for clouds and hershey kisses for raindrops.

  5. Oh Jessica, I know that feeling of morning sickies... and trying to do all things during that blessed baby time with no help, just older little ones helping. I will pray for you. It surely made me a better mommy. God bless you. You did a beautiful job of this weeks Garden Party. I am thinking of doing a small buffet at the end of the 50 day journey, and incorporating all your ideas with some my lil' rascals come up with. Thank you for the inspirations and your divine ideas. p.s. Love the fruit rainbow and the rain kisses. My Lil' Rosebud would love them! =) blessings to you!
    p.s.s. I will send you my link to the Garden Party I will be Lord willing doing on Pentacost Sunday, 6/12. Again thank you!


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