Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On Easter Morning

Don't you just love Easter morning?  Despite forcing myself to go to bed at midnight (leaving a number of things unfinished) and setting my oven timer for six hours, so I would be forced to get up in the morning to defrost the dinner rolls and start the ham for our Easter Dinner before getting ready to attend the 9AM Easter Sunday Mass, everything came together beautifully!

Filled Easter Baskets and our completed Last Supper Puzzle.  The children loved all the treats and goodies that they found in their baskets, as well as the Easter Symbol Candies

I also ended up finding a darling Spring/Lamb Themed Fabric Book to add to Rose's basket called Sunny Day Come and Play!

We had such a hard time getting Rose to smile, I think it was still too early for our little night owl, and she kept making the funniest little faces!

The toy that we ended up choosing for Snuggles was Bullseye.  We had been promising him one for once he was completely potty-trained day and night, and then we couldn't find one locally when I took him shopping a couple weeks ago.   He was so excited!  (And I am excited to only have one in diapers at the moment!)

There wasn't anything Catholic or Symbolic about the ring pops and new sunglasses either, but they definitely were a fun addition to the girls baskets!   They also loved their new watercolors - I found these great Schylling Watercolor sets for the girls and Melissa and Doug Take-along Watercolor Sets for the boys!

The boys loved everything in their baskets too.   Captain's favorite item was the stick of beef jerky and he wondered why it would have been placed hiding in the back!  As for a toy, I ended up just picking out a couple small Lego sets and two grab bag minifigures, which both ended up being Samurais - perfect for my new little fencers! 

We were also all surprised with lovely gifts from Catholic Embroidery including embroidered bookmarks, handkerchiefs, and even a beautiful AMDG Key Fob for me!  Thank you Mary!!

The past couple years, in addition to our children's Easter Baskets, there was a basket for the whole family!  Last year that basket included items for the Garden Parties that we were planning on having, and this year (though unplanned) it ended up focusing on the various Easter Symbols

Since we have been enjoying puzzles so much this past year, I had ordered a Good Shepherd Puzzle for the Easter Season!   I also included a Ukrainian Egg Decorating Kit, Egg Shaped Flower Truffles, Lindt Chocolate Lambs, an adorable Peacock (sent from a dear friend), a Butterfly clip, a beautiful small statue of the Good Shepherd and a Good Shepherd Holy Card (both from our local Catholic Book Store) - placing the basket next to this year's Easter Lilies!     (I had ordered a couple other things months ago, including a beautiful cross, from House of Fontanini, but they have yet to arrive. . .) 

I was also so excited about the great little Easter Symbols Booklet that Charlotte made to go with the Easter Symbol Chocolates.   I originally thought I would put one booklet in each of the children's baskets, but I ended up running out of time to stitch them all together, so I just made one.  I think I will save the other 9 copies I printed out for next year! ;)

Happy Easter!

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