Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Littlest Matryoshka

A Nesting Doll Birthday Cake

I'll be back tonight - or maybe after Easter ;) - with some more pictures from today, but just like last year, I couldn't wait any longer to share a picture of my daughter's birthday cake! 

Looking at the pictures from her past birthdays reminded me that it was on her 3rd birthday when, inspired and encouraged by Charlotte, I started getting a little more creative with birthday cakes.  Now, three years later, it is a much loved family tradition!

This year, after falling in love with the nesting doll measuring cups that we received for Christmas, Chiquita requested a "Nesting Doll" themed birthday party!   After consulting the expert on the topic, I ordered the book The Littlest Matryoshka and the matching set of nesting dolls, which then inspired the rest of the party.

(And how perfect that there were six dolls in the set, for her 6th birthday!?!)

I made the cake by cutting off one end of a 13" oval pan (the body) and cutting out part of a 8" round pan (the head) so they would fit together nicely.   After frosting it with white buttercream, I outlined the face (using the rim of a 6" round cake pan), cheeks (using a small cup), and the rest freehand with a toothpick, before decorating it with the various color icings.

I did have a bit of trouble with the icing running all over the place (I had purchased yellow and pink cookie icing instead of cake icing), but despite the little challenges, I thought the cake turned out cute and it is loved by the birthday girl - which is all that matters. :)  Now back to the party!

Happy 6th Birthday Chiquita!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! The cake looks great!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is adorable!!! It turned out so great, Jessica! I want one for my birthday!

  3. What a Great Job! Looks like your daughter enjoyed it too.

  4. Jessica, this is so creative. What a unique idea. Those dolls will always be so special to her now. I loved them when i was a little girl.

  5. love it!!! and I happen to love nesting dolls as well!!

  6. A HUGE Happy 6th Birthday wish Dear sweet Chiquita from the opposite side of the United States! I cannot believe you are now six years old! Wow........what a neat cake and party too.......

  7. Fantastic! I love decorating birthday cakes... one of my favorite things. I'm going to bookmark this for future reference! +JMJ+

  8. First of all, I remember reading the post about the fairy house cake last year -- how is it possible that a year has passed since then! And, this year's cake is so sweet, and Chiquita looks just like the darling dolls. What a terrific idea, and wonderful execution -- You never fail to amaze me with your talents - way to go!

  9. How precious! I love it! What a beauty

  10. I am here planning the menu for our Holy Thursday tea (thank you for that!) and can't resist leaving a comment on this post. SUPER sweet cake--my girls would love it! And that face on your littlest matryoshka...

    Well, she's just precious.

    A blessed Triduum to you & yours, Jessica!

  11. How precious! Especially the pic of Chiquita looking at her cake!

  12. Love the Cake and your precious daughter.
    You are inspiring me to (maybe) decorate a cake for Isabella's first birthday, which is coming up in 6 weeks. I better start practicing since I have NEVER done any decorating before!

  13. Oh how cute! I am going to Russia in a week and wanted to make something special for my kids before I left...the cake is perfect :)
    Everything looks wonderful!
    Your blog has inspired me so much and I can't thank you enough for sharing your blog with us all, deepening my Catholic faith. I would love to send you all a Matryoshka doll when I return.

  14. Thank you everyone! I still haven't had a chance to put a post together for the rest of her party, but hopefully I can get to it this week! :-) It really was so much fun!

    Megan ~ That is such a generous offer, and would be so very sweet of you! My girls would LOVE it!


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