Saturday, April 2, 2011

"It's so easy, it's like taking candy from a baby. . ."

At least that was what my Dad was saying as he tried to take Rose's Cotton Candy from her this afternoon! 

She was not happy about that! 

I wonder if the person that came up with that phrase ever actually tried taking candy from a baby... 

Rose eventually forgave her Grandpa for teasing her, and even offered him a bite, just as long as he (or anyone else) didn't try to take it out of her hand...  

And that went for her Momma too - who just wanted to get "one quick picture without the cotton candy stick."     

Life is so rough, when you are one! 

I'll be back with a few more pictures from my niece's first birthday party. 
It was absolutely adorable!! 


  1. Bahahahaha that was too funny! She looks so cute, she matched perfectly with all the candy!

  2. I LOVE her expressions. She's such a beautiful girl. Even if she is a little bit of a candy hog. ;)

  3. sweet!
    can't wait to see more party pics.


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