Monday, April 11, 2011

Exploring Creation with Botany Lap Book :: Part 1

by Captain (Blue Folder),  Rascal (Green), Twinkle Toes (Yellow)

This year, for Science, my children have been studying Botany using Exploring Creation with Botany.   At the beginning of the year I purchased the Notebooking Journal, Exploring Creation with Botany Lapbook Lessons 1-5 and Exploring Creation with Botany Lapbook Lessons 6-13.

I really should have ordered just one or the other  (Journals or Lapbooks), and I really loved the new Notebooking Journal, however, since my children really enjoy lapbooking, we opted to complete the lapbooks this year.   We have been taking our time, and we just finished the first Lap Book (of two) a couple weeks ago and moved on to the second half of the book.  Here are some pictures of the completed lap books: 

Lesson 1 Vocabulary; Vascular and Non-Vascular Plants; On What Day; What is Binomial Nomenclature; Lesson 2 Vocabulary; Germination; Taxonomy; Latin

Angiosperms; Lesson 3 Vocabulary; Parts of the Flower; Self-Pollination; Animals that Pollinate Flowers; Amazing Fact; More Lesson 3 Vocabulary; George de Mestral

Draw a Seed; Botany Dominoes; Bees; Seed Dispersal; Carnivorous Plants; Amazing Fact; What happens after...

Working on the Seed Dispersal Mini-Books

As the children completed their mini-books, we stored them in a plastic zip-lock bag until they were ready to assemble to whole lap book.  We started doing this after a cup of water was spilled on most of their mini-books for Part 2 of their Astronomy Lap Book Last Year.   ;)

These illustrations were done by Captain.  I just loved the detail that went into this mini book!  It looks like I only got a picture of his, and not the other two. . . 

Dry Fruits; Fleshy Fruits; Name these Flowers; Evidence; Why do most; Draw Your Favorite Flower; Amazing Fact; Word Search


by Captain (4th grade, age 10)

by Rascal (3rd Grade, age 9)

by Twinkle Toes (1st Grade, age 7)


  1. What a great idea! I love the artwork--it left a huge sunny smile on my face. God bless your little artist/botanists! Do you think you think they would like to try their had at tending some small potted plants/herbs or an outdoor garden? Even if you do not have your own garden they might enjoy an outing to a pesticide free local organic farm if there is one in the area.

  2. Oh Jessica,

    This is great. We've done a lot of botany using other resources. But, I've been contemplating getting Exploring Creation with Botany for my two of the kids. I was stuck though on whether to use the lapbook or notebooking.

    This post helps put an ease to that chose.

  3. Oop's!

    Jessica this last post with the horse was actually from me. I didn't realize my daughter was signed in.

  4. I've been looking at this course to start this spring and work with my kids over the summer. I was wondering is there anything in it that goes against Catholic teaching?

    Love your blog

  5. Anonymous ~ They would love an outdoor garden. I've never gardened before, but maybe this is the year to at least try and grow a few plants with the kids! Thanks for the encouragement!!

    Cheryl ~ While it is definitely not a perfect option, we have enjoyed this series. It does have a Protestant 'sola scriptura' slant, however this can be used as an opportunity for discussion. (I read the chapters aloud to my kids.) It is recommended and sold by a number of Catholic Curriculums, and I figured if it had anything anti-Catholic they wouldn't sell the books, right?

  6. Thanks so much for the pictures. I think you just persuaded me to buy the lapbook. :)


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