Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter - Pentecost :: From the Archives

Our Easter Celebrations

Easter Fun with Food


Easter Candy

Easter Books and Baskets

We really enjoyed making our Paschal Candle using the lovely kit made by Illuminated Ink.   In the past years, I have always just decorated a pillar candle with Candle Decorating Pens or Decorating Wax.  Last year we even used a printable candle wrapper from Homeschool Goodies:

Other Easter Crafts

The Fifty Days of Easter ~ The Garden of the Good Shepherd

Last year Charlotte and I came up with weekly Good Shepherd Garden Parties to coordinate with The Garden of the Good Shepherd: A Sticker Calendar to Count the Fifty Days of Easter.    I have created a page with all of the links to the menus, our parties, and more, here:  


Other Good Shepherd Activities

Divine Mercy Sunday

Additional ideas can be found in my Little Flowers post for the Virtue of Mercy!

Ascension Thursday

Pentecost Sunday


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  1. Thank you Jessica for posting all these wonderful ideas. I hope the rest of your Lent is very fruitful.

    In Christ,

    Grace ~ Deus Vobiscum

  2. Wow! What beautiful ideas. I hope I'll get there someday. Right now I'm serving PB&J on paper plates. lol

  3. My kids and I are looking forward to participating in the Easter parties again! Thanks again to you and Charlotte for the ideas :)

  4. God bless you for taking time to share your creative ideas (along with lovely photos) to help all of us celebrate our faith! I pray you receive many graces for your generosity. Your amazing blog blesses me and my family!
    Beverly Kloesel

  5. God be praised!

  6. Jessica,
    Thank you for your amazing resources! I'd love to get some tips on how you plan! Your ideas are always so wonderful.
    God bless you!

  7. Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your time and talent! As one educator to another I know how valuable your time is and I am excited to use some of your wonderful ideas in my Kindergarten classroom at my Catholic school.


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