Friday, April 1, 2011

Creating our Paschal Candle for Easter

A couple years ago (at the same time that I purchased our Stations of the Cross Grotto Kit), I ordered a lovely Paschal Candle Kit made by Illuminated Ink as well.   We never did have a chance to make it that first year, and last year I waited until my children were in bed on Holy Saturday night before taking it out of the box.   After looking at the supplies and directions, I put it back in the box and printed out the quick and easy paper Pascal Candle Wrap for our Candle from Homeschool Goodies.   This year I was determined to finally make our own homemade Beeswax Paschal Candle.   I am so glad that we did!  Didn't it turn out beautiful?!?

A couple weeks ago, I left a comment on Illuminated Ink's Facebook Page sharing a picture of our completed Stations of the Cross.   (I always love it when people share pictures and/or links with me after they have made one of the projects I have shared here or at Catholic Cuisine, so I thought I would do the same.)  After an email directly to Illuminated Ink, mentioning that I would be making their Paschal Candle next and asking if it would be easy to modify the kit for the current year, she said that they had changed a few items in the kit, making it much easier, and offered to send them to me.   Thank you Illuminated Ink!! 

On the left you can see the original kit supplies (a template for cutting out the wax embellishments, and colored beeswax), and on the right you can see the new water decal replacements.   

After warming up the beeswax sheets with a hairdryer, we began rolling our candle. . .  Notice anything wrong with the following pictures?  Despite the wonderful directions, and the new materials, I still managed to goof it up!  :)

Yep. . . We were rolling the candle the wrong direction. Oops!

We then very carefully, unrolled the candle, using the hairdryer to soften and re-flatten the beeswax sheets.

At this point I was thinking that I probably should have just left it as a short and fat candle, and modified the rest of the directions to fit on what I had to work with. . . Thankfully it all worked out in the end!

Much better!   It was a bit challenging to roll, thanks to all the creases from rolling the opposite direction, but I saved the best pieces for the outside of our candle and you can barely tell.  

This time, when we measured two inches from the bottom to add the gold cord, we had plenty of candle remaining to add the rest of the decorations!

Next, using a damp cloth, we applied the Alpha Omega and Gemstone decals.

"Christ yesterday and today (vertical bar of the cross)
the beginning and the end (horizontal bar of the cross)
Alpha (A, above the cross)
and Omega; (Ω, below the cross)
all time belongs to him (2, upper left quadrant)
and all the ages: (0, upper right quadrant)
to him be glory and power (1, lower left quadrant)
through every age for ever. Amen." (1, lower right quadrant)

Looking back at the original supplies that came with this kit, I was SO thankful for the amazing, and super easy to apply, water decals!   What an excellent idea.   I really couldn't imagine trying to cut out all of the tiny pieces from the colored beeswax sheets... What a job that would have been!

The final step was to add the 5 rhinestones - these represent the 5 grains of incense that a priest will insert into the candle at Mass - held in place be the 5 "nails."

"By his holy and glorious wounds may Christ our Lord guard us and keep us." 

It is so nice to have our Paschal Candle all ready for Easter!   You still have time to order this kit if you'd like to make one for your home.  There are currently some kits available at Amazon or you can order it directly from Illuminated Ink.

"May the light of Christ, rising in glory, dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds." 


  1. I'm inspired. I may try this or at least order this year. So sorry about rolling it backwards. I will be looking closely again to make sure I don't make that mistake also.

  2. Seeing that the wick stuck out multiple inches should have been my clue to check it twice! lol! :)

  3. Beautiful! I have made my own before, but yours is much more lovely!

  4. Jessica,
    Love your candle! We made one in 2008. My husband was received into the church that year and it was a great activity for the kids to do and "live the Mass at home." We even remembered to bring home a jar candle that we lit from the Paschal candle after the vigil to light our home candle. We did have to cut the letters and shapes out of the wax sheets though. It looks like the decals are a much less stressful option:)
    God bless you and your beautiful family!

  5. thank you! I think this is something my little ones can do!


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