Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Candy Shoppe Birthday Party

My precious little niece is turning one this week, and this afternoon we headed over to her home for the "Candy Shoppe" birthday party her SWEET parents hosted for her!

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since she was born - all 3 pounds and 6 ounces of her - and how much she has grown since they brought her home and she met her cousins.  She is still so tiny (I think she is about thirteen pounds right now) and such a cutie!   Perhaps you can all say a quick little prayer for her, as she has still been undergoing lots of testing and has another operation coming up this year.  She is such a little fighter though and we are all so blessed to have her in our life!  God is good!!

The birthday party was super cute and we all had such a great time.   (I think my sister-in-law needs to come and plan my next party for me!)   My kids were practically speechless when they saw all of the SWEETS & TREATS and so thankful that we made an exception for family birthdays on this years sacrifice of giving up treats for Lent, and that tomorrow is Sunday!   (They will still probably have quite the stash to save for Easter!) Anyhow, here are some pictures from the party:

~ Cupcakes and Cotton Candy~ 

~ The Beautiful Birthday Girl ~ 

~ Birthday Gifts ~

We all enjoyed watching Uncle Brian my niece open her gifts.  I just LOVE her sweet little smile!!!  My children were very excited to give her the blocks that they had picked out, and I just fell in love with the little Cloth Forest Peek-A-Book book that my Dad & Mom included with their gift.

~ Cousins ~

~ Making Cotton Candy ~ 

~ Picking treats from the Sweet Tooth Factory ~ 

~ Taking Care of that Sweet Tooth" ~ 

Rose wouldn't leave our house without her new toothbrush. . .  I guess she knew that she would be needing it after all those SWEETS & TREATS! Aunt Meagan loved the idea and asked her why she didn't bring it up before the party so she could have added toothbrushes to the treat bags.   ;) 

Happy Birthday little one!    
We love you!! 


  1. What an adorable party theme! She is so precious! Her eyes are full of light and love in every picture. How could you look at her smile and not smile too? Looks like everyone had a great time and we will pray for wisdom and understanding for her doctors along with lots of grace and strength for her parents.

  2. oh seriously almost started crying reading the first part! i love ALL the pictures you took.. thanks for getting so many and letting me slack off a little! We love you guys so so so so much!

  3. I love your blog. you put pictures and captions together so well. :) it almost feels like i was there.

  4. Wonderful pictures! We always make exceptions for birthdays in our family too! Glad to know we aren't the only ones. We have so many March and April birhtdays. Mine is on Good Friday this year. Will have to celebrate later in Easter week.

    I agree with Julianna - I love seeing all the pictures and feeling like I'm right there with a big, happy CATHOLIC family.

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