Friday, March 25, 2011

Seven Quick Takes :: Birthday Edition!

Yesterday we celebrated a birthday in our home!   
Here are Seven Quick Takes from the day: 

~ 1 ~ 
Hubby woke up to Chiquita giving him the birthday card she had illustrated for him.  We weren't sure what to think of the plane flying in the pitch black sky "over the mountains hills" . . .  
The other children stuck with more traditional birthday cards...
...and Rascal even made a couple fighter planes out of modeling wax.
In the meantime, I worked on baking the cake.   I made the Mom's Layer Cake (recipe from The Cake Mix Doctor) with a Chocolate Mousse Filling and Chocolate Ganache on top.  Yum! 

~ 2 ~
Patiently waiting for Daddy to arrive home from work...

~ 3 ~
My Dad and Brother helped me get an amazing deal on a great set of tools to give Hubby as a gift.  And, of course, the children all loved giving their Daddy the cards they had made for him. 

~ 4 ~
Snuggles had so much fun playing with the box  from Daddy's birthday gift!

~ 5 ~
It took a little while to light all 38 candles!  I never have cared for the number candles, and insist on using the correct number.   Sorry honey!  ;)

~ 6 ~

I wish this picture wouldn't have turned out blurry, I love it!  
(I was using a slower shutter speed without the flash...)
After Daddy blew out the candles, Snuggles quickly jumped up to help him with the two he missed.  

~ 7 ~
It's always so much fun to take all the candles back out of the cake.  



  1. scrumptious looking cake. Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!

  2. What a wonderful birthday for such a great man! Happy birthday!

  3. I love the pictures of the kids waiting for daddy to get home from work! My kids do that too.

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