Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh boy. . .

. . . what did I get myself into?!  

Something tells me that this is not going to be a "simple" craft! 


  1. I have to admit my boys would look at those and think "grenades"

    - they make popsicle stick grenades like these

  2. Jessica,
    You are right it does not look easy. i bought all the stuff to make them as you suggested on past pages. Once I got the Jesus Tree Kit and realized the time consumption for that one. I stop the "Stations" craft. But I vow to do that one next year. Good Luck

  3. I've never seen the popsicle stick grenades before! My boys would probably love that idea, but I am not sure I am going to share it with them. lol!

  4. We started working on the craft yesterday afternoon and it took quite a long time to create just the first station. . . I started to think perhaps we would just make one a year and be done by the time my oldest is, oh, TWENTY-FIVE! (Scary thought!)

    We actually made much better progress than I thought we would, and will probably finish them up this afternoon, as soon as the boys get home from Mass & Stations. (We still have a few sick kids, so I am home with them this morning.)

    Good luck with your Jesus Tree Kit. It really is such a nice Lenten Activity, especially in future years when all you need to do is hang it up for Lent! :)

  5. I bet it gets easier as you make them. You know, once you get the hang of it and don't have to stop and look at the instructions over and over. By the way, I know you have sisters in Hawaii are they O.K. with the Tsunamis??

  6. Roxaline ~ I had no idea! I don't regularly read the news online (my husband does and he is gone this morning) ... What a horrible earthquake!

    I just called my sister Julianna - she just moved to HI on Monday and is living right on the beach. I did wake her up, but she was evacuated last night and was okay. I haven't spoken with my other two sisters, but Julianna was texting with them during the night and said that the tsunamis wasn't nearly as bad as predicted.

    Thank you for your concern and for letting me know!

    ...and yes, the rest are much easier than the first, especially if you make them in an assembly line. :)

  7. We did that a few years a go and I'm so glad we did.

  8. Yes, they are time intensive, but you won't regret getting them done (in less than 25 years!!). We set up an assembly line and did certain parts quickly. I let the kids do a lot of the stick placement and rocks, but I ended up doing most of the cutting and 'picture' portion. They are beautiful. We are hanging ours today.

    It's so nice to be able to pray the Stations at home -everyday- instead of going out late at night.

  9. We've been working on the same craft with beautiful results. Good luck!

  10. You're so creative and crafty I know it won't take you that long =) I finished my Jesus Tree just in time, and we're loving it! Thanks for the inspiration!
    I'll have to think about the Stations of The Cross, they look beautiful!


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