Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Nun Run :: 5K (Run/Walk)

This past Saturday, March 12th, was the 2nd Annual Nun Run 2011.    After being invited by Lena, to join her "Shadow Team" named All FOR!, I decided to sign up despite my current lack of fitness.   (I spent last fall on crutches due to an ankle injury, and I haven't exercised much since it always hurts afterwards...)

I opted for the 5k after finding out that is only equals 3.10685596 miles, and that I didn't need to run the whole 5K, walking is allowed.   I thought about driving down to the track, but I can never seem to remember how far I have walked, so I decided to stick with our road - which is exactly 3 miles to town.  At that point my boys asked to go with me and were very excited about the prospect of actually running/walking to town!  Little did they know that we would run, jog and then walk the first mile, before they were asked to carry me the rest of the way to town.  ;) 

It was so much fun to "see" our road in a whole new way, despite the rain and all the barking dogs (the main reason we have never walked it before).  Thankfully we weren't attacked by any dogs and only one person stopped to ask if we needed a ride! 

Here are some pictures of our "route" starting just down the road from our home:

1 mile down, 2.1 to go!
The first mile was most definitely the hardest.  At that point I thought I would never make it to town. . .


We were so excited when we made it to our final mile marker...  Only another 1.1 miles left to go! 

Yes, I did tell Captain not to wear rain boots.  I think he (and Rascal!) was wishing he would have listened to me. 

We left our home at 10:03 and finished at 10:56 = 53 minutes

The extra .1 of a mile took us right to our little local bakery... Since it is Lent, we decided to walk around the corner to the pizza parlor and order breadsticks while we waited for Hubby to pick us up.  Overall we had a great time, and even though my legs are still super sore, my ankle is just fine.  

You can see everyone else's (much more impressive) results
 over at JoyFilled Family


  1. way to get moving! it was for a great cause.

    you had lovely scenery and great workout buddies.

    i'm happy to hear that your ankle isn't bothering you.

    pax Christi - lena

  2. Where do you live, Ireland!! lol!
    Everything is so green already! Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good for you!! Glad your ankle's feeling better.

  4. I have to wonder why you didn't walk halfway and then turn around? :-)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Katie ~ No, we don't live in Ireland! lol! But I have always wanted to visit!! We have had a LOT of rain lately and everything has been turning green this past couple weeks. :)

    Sara ~ First of all, we wanted to have the accomplishment of having walked "ALL the way to town". Second, there was no way we wanted to pass by some of the dogs for a second time on the trip home. And third, it is mostly downhill on the way to town, and NOT on the way back! ;)

  6. What a great idea!! Maybe next year our local youthgroup can be shadowrunning.

  7. Wonderful! I love all the pictures. We had such a good time around here and now we're having even more fun seeing what others accomplished. Praise God!

  8. Good for you! How exciting. I love all the pictures. The rain boots are my favorite.

  9. This is great! Good for you...and beautiful pictures.:) Our green is coming...yeah for Spring!

  10. Great job! You have inspired me. I need to get back to some sort of exercising - I need to start working on getting this baby weight off! UGH! I wish it would stop raining long enough so that I can :)


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