Monday, March 7, 2011

My Daybook :: March 7, 2011

Outside my window... the frogs have been so loud and they are driving my husband crazy. . .   I woke up the other night (in the middle of the night) to see him headed outside to try and find the frogs. Apparently, "The only way to make the frogs stop croaking is to make them croak."  I'm still laughing!

I am listening to... Lent: Fasting and Abstinence in the Tradition of the Church from Audio Sancto.

I am thinking... about my internet usage and blogging, and what changes need to be made this lent, in order to try and grow in the virtue of temperance in this area of my life.

I am thankful... for the email that Hubby sent home from work last week stating that "All employees should report to work as usual on Monday." Whew!  He said that we are not out of the woods yet, but at least we have a little more time to rebuild our savings in case he is indeed furloughed.

I am praying... for the precious soul of sweet little Sanjay, and for his family who misses him dearly.

From the kitchen... Right now I have a chocolate cake baking in the oven for my sister, as well as plenty of ice cream choices (Espresso Madness, Vanilla, Triple Chocolate, and Brownie Mud Pie Overload) in the freezer to go along with the cake.   I hope everyone shows up really hungry, because I'd rather not have any leftovers with Lent starting the day after tomorrow!

From the learning rooms... We are plugging along, but I've been suffering from burnout lately, and think my children might be too. It's time to do a little re-evaluating to see how we can get re-motivated and out of our current slump.  I think we all miss all the fun "extras" we did last year during the Alphabet Path!  How, oh HOW, did I keep up with it all last year ?!?!

Living the Liturgical Year at Home...  Lent begins this week!  Here is the link to some of our past Lenten Activities.   We are planning on attending Mass and the Soup Dinner at our parish this Wednesday, recommitting to praying the rosary together as a family each night before bed, and will be attending Stations of the Cross on Fridays, in addition to the other things our family has decided to "give up" this Lent.

I am creating... a Lenten Calendar.  After seeing Tiffany's Calendar I am tempted to modify ours, but at the same time, I might just keep it simple and stick with what we have done every year.   I am also hoping to put together a post from our last Little Flowers meeting a week and a half ago. . . Where does the time go?!

I am wearing... a big sweater, black sweat pants, warm socks, and slippers.  It has been a rainy day and last night was rough.  Snuggles had an earache - which seems to be part of the cold making it's way through our family right now - and neither of us got much sleep.

I am reading... A Case For Happy & Sometimes Sappy Mom Blogs Part I and Part II.  Great posts!! Thank you, Kate!   I haven't had much time for reading blogs this year, but I am always inspired to be a better mother and home educator by the few other "Mom Blogs" that I do read.    And, wow, I never realized that some women actually "gag" when other women use the word "Hubby" on their websites.  lol!   (I really don't like using "nicknames" - but do so at the request of my "Hubby.")  :)    

On my iTouch... I've been wanting to purchase a copy of The Truth and Life Audio Bible for awhile, but just haven't been able to spend the money yet.  I was so excited to find that they now have an App available and was just able to download the Book of Mark for free!   We will be spending some time listening to it during Lent.

Pondering these words... from a recent Conversation with God Daily Dose:

"There are no grounds, objectively speaking, for letting worry and concern for tomorrow weigh us down: we will be given the graces we need in order to contend with anything that crops up. We will be victorious!"

Noticing that... the most consistently searched phrase in my sidebar, sadly enough, is currently "baby died."

Here are a few posts that you may be looking for: 

Towards personal care... I just received my Number and T-Shirt in the mail for the Nun Run!  So exciting, despite the fact that I am just a shadow runner.   I wish my team all lived close by, so we could run/walk together, but it will be fun just the same!

Around the house... I spent the Saturday before last looking for new frames for the wedding pictures (Hubby & I, our parents, and our grandparents) that use to hang in our living room, before we remodeled and painted the walls.  I ended up purchasing simple black frames, in addition to a black and bronze frame for our wedding certificate.   All frames were 40% off at Michaels that weekend, and with the additional 25% off coupon I had they were quite affordable, even though I needed so many.   We decided to hang the pictures in our new Family Room above the couch.   I was only able to get 5 of the 8x10's, but they gave me a rain check for the last two and I should be able to pick them up soon.

On keeping home... I'm looking forward to another 40 Bags of Stuff Challenge!   How does the stuff accumulate so quickly around here?

One of my favorite things.. taking pictures, even though I have SO. VERY. MUCH to learn when it comes to using the correct settings, etc.  Our friend Marc explained some of the settings to me last week and I'm still trying to figure it all out.   Apparently using the "Tungsten" setting is much better to use indoors. . .  Here is a comparison:

My usual camera setting - 1pm on the day of Marc's party

Using the AV setting with Tungsten lighting selected
taken at 1pm - the day after the party

The last two pictures capture the "real life" colors (paint, cabinets, tile, etc.) so much better! 

A few plans for the week:

Monday:  My sisters' (the twins - JoAnn & Mary) birthday!  Mary is off in HI living with another one of my sisters, but JoAnn is home for Spring break and is coming over for cake, ice cream and to watch a movie, with a couple more of our sisters!
Tuesday:  Shrove Tuesday!  Make Pancakes and Miniature King Cakes for Mardi Gras
Wednesday: Doctor appt for Snuggles and Attend Mass and Soup Dinner for Ash Wednesday
Thursday: Start putting together our Stations of the Cross Kit
Friday: Attend Mass and Stations of the Cross (the Boy's will be serving)

A Picture thought I am sharing:

Rascal's Godfather needed a "7 year old girl" to "help sick kids by donating blood for a scientific study for Rare Diseases."  We left the decision up to Twinkle Toes, who was a little nervous, but willing to do so with a little bit of bribery from mom the promise of a new Calico Critter Family.  Afterwards she even got to go out for an ice cream cone (from dad, who didn't know about mom's promise!).  She was pretty excited and hardly felt a thing.  :) 


  1. Oh my goodness, Jessica - I can't believe the difference in photos based on settings. I am pulling out my camera now to see if I have those same settings. I guess it probably pays to read the instruction manual :-)

  2. I miss you. I loved every little detail of this post. We need a phone date! I'm saying a prayer for Snuggles...that's no fun!

  3. Your kitchen is just sooo nice!! That is a big difference in the settings. I am wondering if I need a tutorial with my camera.

    I still have family pictures waiting to be nailed on the wall. We are in a bit of a mess over here renovating (doing it ourselves) and it's taking so much time to do!

  4. We are planning a family rosary before bed too! And I am so glad she agreed to give blood! Such a brave little sweetie!!

  5. What a brave girl!!! So amazing and well rewarded. I still love the Calico Critters, and my daughter (9) and son (6) still play with them. We have had most of ours for 6 years now, and they really do last up to years of use. Now expecting another child, and hoping it is a girl, just so I can buy more sets.

  6. I always love to read your daybooks!
    Your daughter has the sweetest smile. +JMJ+

  7. Hi there,
    I referred to your Jesus Tree post from a few years back...hope that's ok. I turned it into a collection of stamps for "Stepping Stones with Jesus"...please check it out and maybe even join my first ever linky...for Lent at Equipping Catholic Families?

  8. Oh wow, Jessica- I'm off to check my camera, too. :) I'm sure it could take better pictures, I just need to learn how to use it!

    And about how-on-earth-you-got-to-all-that-good-learning-extra-stuff-last-year?

    We were all wondering that, too. :)

    Hugs for your week!

  9. Hi Jessica! Do you know if there is a printable version of the jesus tree on the net?

  10. Hello! I came across a couple of photos of your children when you were visiting Saguaro National Park - the photos appeared when I did a Google search for Saguaro photos. May I have permission to use the photos in a flyer? Please email me at or call 208-885-2819. Thank you!

  11. a beautiful kitchen either way you look at it!!! Jessica, i just read the 4 posts you linked to about your devotion to St. therese. i became a folowrer of your blog after those posts. How blessed you are to carry such beautiful crosses. Lenten blessings,

  12. I'm sorry you're feeling burned out. But is it sick and twisted of me to think, "Oh, thank goodness she gets that way too!"? ;) I hope you are feeling better by now...maybe you are, I am behind in my google reader as usual!


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