Friday, March 4, 2011

Links for March :: Month Dedicated to St. Joseph

Behold the faithful and prudent servant whom the lord placed at the head of His family.  May the prayers of the blessed patriarch Joseph, husband of Your most holy Mother, help us, O Lord, we pray, that what is not in our own power to obtain, may be given to us at his intercession: Who livest and reignest forever. Amen.

March 5th, St. Ciaran:

March 7th, St. Thomas Aquinas (Trad.) :

March 17th, St. Patrick (New and Trad.):  

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March 19th, St. Joseph (New and Trad):

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March 25th, Annunciation of the Lord (New, Trad.):

Catholic Cuisine:  Recipes for March ~ Month Dedicated to St. Joseph

Saint Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!


  1. Thank you so much for providing all of this right at the beginning of the month! This is going to be such a great resource for my planning. Thank you!

  2. Your welcome, Stacy! I am glad that it will be helpful. :)

    I thought monthly posts might be an easy way to start organizing my archives, since my Feast Day Plans & Celebrations post has gotten so long and hasn't been updated much this past year.

  3. Agree with Stacy.

    I've lost much of my planning brain so your post is exactly what I needed to plan ahead.


  4. I've just checked out the St. Joseph lapbook and it is so well done! I'm going to be linking this--along with so many of your ideas :)

  5. Jessica,

    Unrelated question. Did Nippert and Co. Catholic Artworks change their offerings totally??

    I like what I see, but can't figure out what is what on there. Any ideas or will I have to call them?


  6. First time this year we celebrate the feast day of St. Thomas of Aquinas. He is my husband's patron saint:

  7. Kris ~ I sent an email to Catholic Artworks a while back, and haven't heard back yet. After getting your comment, I did hop over to their site and it looks like they have been busy coming up with all sorts of new products, though it does look like they still have all the originals as well. I would really like to order their "More Faith Keepers" collection.

  8. I saw what I was looking for and so much more!! It just looked like they grouped like items together more. Like their saint cards, advent, and lent all seemed to be grouped in their individual themes. Before you would get bits and pieces on each CD. These if I was looking correctly looked much more complete.

  9. hoping to make the little alter with the boys is a start :)

  10. woo hoo...I used my google/blogger account, which I don't blog on anymore, but subscribe by email is there now!! that is why...also just tried my wordpress and it it figured out...thanks!!

  11. Great! Now we know!! Take it easy and don't try to do too much... You just had a baby! :)

  12. you sound like my husband ;-) he says I don't know the middle road...I am either 110% or 0%...need to find that middle ground...


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