Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Family of Lego Mini-Figures

I was so tired last night, that I never did make it back to the computer to post the answers to our Lego Mini-Figures Guessing Game!

Charlotte was the first one to guess correctly, followed by JenniferM (unofficially), Mary S and Jodi.   It was so fun to see all of your guesses and we will be sending your family a little "party favor/prize" in the mail, Charlotte.  :)

It ended up being a little harder than I thought it would be for you all.     I thought the hair lengths and colors would give it away at the very start.  Even my sister wasn't able to guess it correctly! ;)  I suppose the girls hair lengths do go back and forth all the time... Currently Twinkle Toes has the shorter hair (though it is starting to get longer) and Chiquita has "layers" since she gave herself a haircut last month.   The only way to tell the boys apart was that Captain has much darker hair than Rascal, especially in the summer.

Everyone had such a fun time creating the Mini-Figures.  Charlotte's printables are just perfect and we really enjoyed accessorizing them with paper crafts, stickers and clip art.  This would be such a fun craft to do anytime, not just for a birthday party!

Anyhow, I'll be back either this evening or tomorrow with some more pictures from the birthday party, but first we have a lot of school work and laundry to get done.   I hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Just found them here - sorry about the previous question. These are great!


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