Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday...

... to Rascal!

Rascal requested a "Lego" theme this year, starting with "Eggos" for breakfast.  We had so much fun making some decorations for his birthday over the weekend, including turning ourselves into Lego Mini-Figures!   We are leaving soon to attend a friend's birthday party and then we will head back home to celebrate our big guy's birthday.   It looks like it is going to be a super fun-filled day.  I'll be back later with some more pictures...   :)


  1. Happy Birthday Rascal! Can't wait to see your Lego you's!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Rascal! May God bless you on this special day and always.

  3. Happy Birthday to Rascal! Can't wait to see your Lego party pictures.


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