Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On Christmas Day in the Morning

I am trying to work on refining our new schedule this week, which seems to be leaving very little time for the computer. I would love to answer all the emails in my inbox, post about the school books we've been using this year, and answer a few other questions, but it might take a little while to get to it all.   In the meantime, I do have a number of "drafts" that I may be able to find the time to complete and publish this week, starting with some pictures from Christmas morning!

As always, Hubby and I gave the children three gifts each, though in a couple cases two or three items were combined to make "one" gift. It was such a joy to see the children's excitement as they took turns opening all of their presents.

~ Gifts for the Boys ~

Captain's Gifts:
(I purchased the Longboat on ebay, since it has been discontinued. Captain could hardly believe it!)
Settler's of Catan Seafarers Game Expansion

Rascal's Gifts:

Snuggles Gifts:
Sheriff Woody Doll
Buzz, Jessie, Rex and Sarge Beanies
Narnia Sword

~ Gifts for the Girls ~

Twinkle Toes' Gifts:
Elizabeth Doll, Accessories and Riding Outfit
Music Sheets for Lap Harp, Fairy Forest Lodge Harp and Piano

We had avoided the full size American Girl dolls for years, due to the expense, but when I saw that Elizabeth (the one TT's had been wishing for, for a couple years) was being discontinued, we decided to get it for her this year. Twinkle Toes' little mouth dropped open and she was speechless, until she finally scurried up to hug and thank her Dad & Mom! :-) We also ended up ordering Josefina for Chiquita, and I have never seen her SO excited, we literally had to calm her down. Needless to say, they love their new dolls!

Twinkle Toes mouth dropped open again at the sight of yet another American Girl box. These little boxes contained the "accessories" for each doll. :-)

Chiquita's Gifts:
Josefina Doll, Accessories and Christmas Dress

Rose's Gifts:

It is so cute watching Rose play with her squirrel, she just loves him!

~ Gifts from Grandpa and Grandma ~

The girls received little tote bags, Felicity and Josefina activity books and mini Josefina and Kirsten dolls!!

I haven't taken a picture yet, but I was super excited with the "Shower of Roses" Afgan from Hubby's parents. They are always so very thoughtful!! And of course Hubby and I love the Saints Calendar and Daily Planner they give us every year.

~ Gifts from Godparents ~

Treats from Snuggles Godparents in Hawaii!

Twinkle Toes' took this picture of her new Holy Card Collection with a Frame for rotating the Cards, and her beautiful Marian stamp from her Godparents!

Captain's Godfather (aka: Uncle Father) sent such thoughtful gifts for everyone. It was so cute when Rose opened up a St. Benedict medal he sent her and then proceeded to slip it down her Daddy's shirt, knowing that is where medals belong!

Between being able to attend Mass twice (at the Vigil and then again at Midnight), coming home to a clean kitchen, stockings filled and all the gifts under the tree (thank you Mary St. Nicholas!), a lovely morning at home, and spending time with my family, we had such a wonderful Christmas!!  I hope you all had a Holy, Joyfilled and Blessed Christmas as well.


  1. We have LOVED snuggling under our throw - I know you will, too!

  2. Such a beautiful collection of holy cards! I love the kids in all matching pajamas. That couldn't have been easy to do :)

  3. I love the pjs!!

    You will not regret investing in the AG dolls. We also stuggled with spending the money at the time, but my now adult daughters
    (27, 26, and 24)all still have theirs in perfect condition. I am sure their own children will be playing with them someday- there are very few toys you can say that about anymore.

    Your morning looks magical!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a magical morning! The kiddos are so precious! My 11 yr old daughter received her first ever American Girl doll (Felicity) this Christmas as well. She was thrilled!

  5. I will second Lori's comment. I am 26 and still have my American Girl dolls that my parents bought me over the years. I loved playing with them as a girl and treasure them now.

  6. What a terrific post! It looks like you all had a very special, blessed Christmas ~ Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Thank you everyone! It was indeed a magical morning! :-)

    Aren't the pj's cute!?! Every year we give our children new pajamas on Christmas Eve, and I was a bit hesitant to do so this year, since we do have quite a few hand-me-downs from years past. However, I just couldn't pass them up when Gymboree had one of their "Jingle Deals" and I was able to combine the sale with my reg 5% off and and extra 25% off coupon.

  8. It looks like it was a wonderful holiday for your family. The matching PJs are adorable - what a great find.

  9. Jessica- do you know where the godparents got the prayer cards and frame? Is it a set? Or is it just a personal collection. I love this! You could even rotate them day by day by the saints feast day, (if you had all those cards, that would be quite a few...).

    Great idea!

  10. Olivia ~ If I remember correctly, her Godmother had it shipped directly to us from Mother of Our Savior, though I could be wrong. I searched their site real quick, but wasn't able to find the set. They do have many gorgeous Holy Cards, and it is such a neat idea!


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