Monday, January 10, 2011

An Afternoon with Auntie

Last Christmas A year ago the girls each received gift cards for lunch and an afternoon of pottery painting with their Great Aunt Bridget.   It took us nearly a year to finally schedule the date, but it was well worth the wait and they had such a great time!

Lunch at Red Robin

It was so hard deciding what to paint, but Twinkle Toes finally ended up choosing a pretty little platter and Chiquita opted for a darling little tea set.


Aunt Bridget painted a cute little bowl to use for Salsa.   I so wanted to stay and paint too, but Rose had a doctors appointment (this was just before her last echo) and so we had to leave. . . 

I came back from the doctors to find Twinkle Toes painting her whole platter "salsa red" with a pink border... Interesting!  

Chiquita was so cute to watch paint and so focused most of the time! :-) 

When they were all finished painting, the masterpieces were left to be dipped in a clear glaze and fired in the kilns! 

Here are the finished results, which my Aunt dropped off yesterday:

The girls were so excited! Didn't they turn out pretty?!?

 Thank you Aunt Bridget!!


  1. Beautiful and glad to see and hear that you are all feeling better:-)

  2. They came out great! I love the tea set.


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