Monday, December 6, 2010

Three Questions

1)  Who gave Rose "her" St. Nicholas Chocolate that had been taken out of her slippers and placed on the table for safe keeping?  

2)  How was she able to get it out of the wrapper so easily, 
without eating any of the foil? 

I just loved her little giggle and the "I am SO getting away with something" look in her eyes!

3)  Do you think she enjoyed her first chocolate candy bar?!?

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!


  1. So funny, my 13 month old just did the same thing! I don't know how she grabbed it or got the chocolate without the foil, but the look on her face was priceless and oh so mad when I would not let her have more.

  2. That´s so cute! She definitly is a chocolate fan. My Balthazar ate his first chocolate on the first advent, he was so happy that I knew for sure that I would have to make a chocolaty-chocolate cake for his first birthday a couple of days later. And today he tried to eat the chocolate coins with the gold wrapper! It happened so quick! But tell me Jessica, how many teeth does Rose already have? Are there three little ones in the lower jaw? She is so fast!!!

  3. What a cute post - that is so funny and adorable!

    Thanks for the St. Nicholas brunch idea! We did that for the first time this year, and it was great!

    Happy St. Nicholas Day & God Bless!

  4. Too cute! She sure did enjoy it. I think half the fun was getting away with something :)

  5. Happy Feast of St. Nicholas! I'm really looking forward to next year when my little one will be able to enjoy the chocolate coins with mama and daddy. This year she's just too little.

  6. LOVE that smile!!!

  7. Yes, can you believe all those little teeth that she has already! Three on top and three on the bottom. It cracks me up that the 3rd tooth is on opposite sides! SO CUTE!!

  8. MY question is, How did she eat that chocolate bar without getting it ALL over herself? Too cute.

  9. I was surprised she was as "clean" as she was too! She did have chocolate on her shirt and in her hair, and I did need to give her a bath, but she wasn't nearly as messy as she could have been. She just didn't want to waste any of that chocolate! ;)


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