Monday, December 13, 2010

On the Eve of Santa Lucia Day


My children are all so excited to finally use the lovely gifts they recieved last year from our sweet friend Emma and her family, who live in Norway! (Authentic Swedish St. Lucy Crowns, a Maiden Light, and Star Boy Hats and Wands for all our children!)  

Our Santa Lucia bread is ready and I didn't even kill the yeast this year!  Apparently I usually heat the milk too hot, and our bread doesn't rise very well... So, this year, I called Amy and had her walk me through it.   It turned out better than ever and was SO easy to make this year with the help of Amy's old Kitchen Aid mixer!  :-)  

The older girls have their white nightgowns, and are very anxious for morning to arrive!  And I am looking forward to a piece of that delicious Santa Lucia Bread!   


  1. Beautiful!! Your little Rose, that is! And the bread! We are going to make ours for this evening.

  2. It came out GREAT!!! I knew it would! And those Lucia and Starboy outfits are so precious!

  3. So sweet! I thought of Chiquita all day today.

    So what's Amy's secret?! Mine didn't come out bad, but definitely not as lovely as yours!

  4. What a sweetheart!!! Your bread looks yummmy! We made ours last night for today.

  5. Not only me but also my children have enjoyed seeing other like minded families learning about St. Lucia~ The photos here are wonderful! What a blessing it is to grow in a family as this. Sometimes I look at my children and wonder if they know what a gift it is to learn about all the holy saints.

  6. the little children are adorable ! and i'm impressed with your braided bread crown !


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