Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Few More Pictures...

... from Rose's First Birthday!

Three of the Tree Kids joined us for Rose's birthday and got to stay until Friday night!   We all had such a great time, and I enjoyed seeing what it would be like to be "mom" to 9 children ages 10 and under for a few days! :-)   

Rose wasn't quite sure what to think about the lit candle on the top of her cake.  Luckily she had plenty of help with blowing it out! 

I was so happy to see how much she loves the Saint Dolls I painted for her.  She has been carrying them around every day! 

Rose was very excited about the picture books from our visitors... 

... and she just loves her new little cupcakes, 
even though she couldn't seem to carry them all at one time! ;)

"For me?!?  Really?!?"

Rose loved the pink roses and ate every single one of them before tasting her cake.

I am pretty sure she enjoyed her chocolate cake as well!

After her bath, she was very excited to find her last gift assembled.
(Thank you Daddy!)

Isn't that the cutest little "elephant walker" ever?!

Just before bedtime, Rose unwrapped the book for the day,
for Daddy to read to everyone!  


  1. Oh my gosh what a sweetheart! Can I ask where you got the walker and the cupcakes? We have a birthday in January and with 7 girls how could you go wrong:)


  2. I feel like I say this all the time, but why oh why do we live so far apart?! I could eat that baby girl up, she's so sweet.

    What kind of finish did you put on the dolls? I'm hoping to do a few in the next couple of days.

  3. Great pics of a very fun day! Happy Birthday little Rose!

    I am laughing at that group pic of all the kids on the couch - and Snuggles looking a little mad over on the side!

  4. Pamela ~ I rarely go to Toys-R-Us, but I stopped in since I had a coupon after Rose's echocardiogram and found them there and thought they would be perfect for her! I had seen the walker in the newspaper ad, listed at $59.99 and originally hadn't considered it, but it was/is on sale for only $29.99 and then I had a 15% off coupon and a $10.00 off my entire purchase! I purchased the cupcakes their as well. They are both made by FAO Schwarz, a new line of toys that Toys-R-Us is carrying. I also purchased the Sweets with Treat Tray as a Christmas Gift.

    Aimee ~ I wish you lived nearby too! In regards to the sealer, I ended up using a few coats of a Clear Polyurethane spray on sealer for these two dolls. So far it seems to be holding up well to the "not so gentle" play!

    Angela ~ I was laughing at that too! I was using my zoom lens from the new dining area, and didn't notice how upset he looked until I uploaded the photo! He had been sleeping, and was rather cranky when he woke up!

  5. I was sooo happy to see Roses heart update. Our youngest had a "need to close" thing as well. I email you this often....but your site is such a blessing to so many families!!! The Saint Dolls look a lot larger than your other ones...I've just started working with the pegs....where did you find the bigger ones? Have a Blessed Christmas....I'm off to get some things for my own Jesse Tea....better late than never right?!?!?!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your little Rose doll. She is a dolly.

    So very very cute!

  7. Happy Birthday to your little Rose doll. She is a dolly.

    So very very cute!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Thanks Jessica I Love it! I always go to Amazon first since we are so far from major shopping. Toys-R-Us is over a 1hr away.

  10. She is just getting so big and even more and more precious. Sigh.

  11. Happy birthday and many blessings to your sweet baby!!!

    Our computer got a virus and is still not fixed, they will fix it this week. I keep asking if my pictures are safe, and they are, thank goodness!

    Anyway, that is why I missed this!!! I am on my hubby's laptop....I'm checking in on people today!

    Merry Christmas and many blessings!


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