Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crèche Mania :: Free Downloads for Creating Beautiful and Inspiring 3-D Nativity Scenes!

Yesterday, when I posted the link to the Bible Paper Toys, I had NO IDEA about some of the options available as free downloads!   This morning I received another email from a dear friend (thank you PJ!), sharing a link to Crèchemania and the Paper Model Kiosk.

This amazing website is devoted to the love of paper crèches (also known as nativities, cribs, or mangers).   I was totally captivated by the beautiful artwork and immediately registered so I could log in and have access to some of the FREE DOWNLOADS to create with my children!

We have been having so much fun!!  Here are some of the 3-D Nativity Scenes we created this morning:

We have downloaded some of the others and will continue making these in preparation for Christmas!  (My children would each like to make one for their Godparents.)   I think next on our list is the Portico Nativity.  At this rate, I wonder just how long my printer ink is going to hold out!  ;)

Well, today has turned into a "holiday" in our home, ever since receiving the wonderful news about Rose's heart this morning.   I think I am going to go and bake a cake (Charlotte suggested heart shaped, which would be perfect!) so we can celebrate after Mass this evening!

I hope you are all having a very blessed feast of the Immaculate Conception, and let me know if you make any of these and what you think!  I'd love to see pictures!!


  1. Jessica, Did you have trouble opening yesterday's download with a Mac? I haven't been able to open it yet. Many congratulations and best wishes on Rose's good news. She was in my prayers yesterday.

  2. Yes, I did. Funny thing though, when I went back and visited last night, there was another comment left by another "Jessica" asking about downloading! When I looked at her profile I noticed that she is also a Catholic Homeschooling Mom of Six kids! lol! Anyhow, what I ended up doing was just clicking on each of his images and saving it to my computer. They printed just fine that way.

    Thank you for your prayers for Rose! I can hardly believe that her heart has completely healed!!

  3. This is a great resource Jessica!! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. How cute! Thanks for posting these! I think I will print some for the kids to make at our Gaudete Party on Sunday!
    On a different note: I was at a friends the other night and she was showing me the St. Nicholas coins she had made -- from your instructions! I had to laugh and tell her that I know you! It's like knowing someone famous :)
    SO glad to hear that little Rose is all healthy!!

  5. lovely. i actually found some commercially printed 3-d nativity cards a few years back. i'd always wished that i purchased more. these are wonderful!

    giving thanks and praise to Our Heavenly Father for rose's healing.

    pax Christi - lena

  6. These ae so cute mt girls will just be thrilled.

    I had the same problem with Yesterday's download. I will have to try again today thanks for the tip:)

  7. What good news on Rose! On the year anniversary of our daughter's surgery date...(she was 5 months old when she had her open heart surgery)...we celebrated with a heart cake. So appropriate!

    Not sure which brand, but we received from relatives one of those nativity scenes last year. It now graces our learning room bulletin board. They are so much fun to touch and hold and see.


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