Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Baking

Oh, how we are enjoying our new kitchen!   We are getting ready to go to First Friday Mass with our Homeschool Group this morning and we just finished baking a Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake to share after Mass.   (I'll add the glaze after it cools and just before we head out the door.)

We also just finished baking a batch of Pepernoten (Dutch Peppernuts), using the recipe found in Cooking with the Saints.  My girls had so much fun rolling the cooking dough into marble sized balls!

They turned out delicious and would be even better served with a cup of coffee or perhaps some "Saintly" Hot Cocoa!

You can find the recipe over at Catholic Cuisine.

Happy First Friday!


  1. Oh, Yum! That coffee cake always looks so good! And we have the same cookbook, so we'll have to give those little cookie balls a try. :)

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW !
    That Cherry Coffee cheesecake looks way too good to even cut into !
    How about you fly it to the East Coast and let me try it! I just have to have that recipe.......Yummiesville!

  3. That coffee cake was YUMMMY!

  4. It really is the easiest coffee cake EVER to make! It takes less than 10 minutes to have in the oven and is my Hubby's favorite. We have it on Christmas Morning every year. :-)

  5. As soon as my husband gets back from the market today with the "goods" I'm making this. Can't wait. :D

  6. Okay. Just popped it in the oven and I have one question. The stone I have is 12 inches and it was barely big enough with no hole in the middle. So, what size do you have? I might try to get a bigger round stone this Christmas and I'm not sure about the sizes they come in. Thanks.

    p.s. my kids are huddled around the oven looking in the window with the oven light on watching it bake. I think they're a little excited. ;)

  7. I have the large stone, it is 15", and I love it! I actually recently added the newer large stone with handles to my ever growing collection as well.

  8. Thanks so much, Jessica! I love the handles! That would make it so much easier to get out of the oven.


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