Wednesday, November 3, 2010

State-by-State Scrapbook :: New Hampshire

"N is for Newspaper
The oldest newspaper in all the land:
the New Hampshire Gazette
is published here yet.
Pick it up free on a local newsstand!"

The boys had a lot of fun studying the state of New Hampshire!  

In addition to reading the book, we also did a few additional activities from the publisher, and then decided to make a fun treat as well.  I posted the recipe for these Edible Eagles over at Catholic Cuisine! 

Now we are moving on to study Virginia!  If only we could actually visit... 


  1. Hi Jessica,

    I am a long time reader, but I think this may be my first time leaving a commment. I happen to live in NH and I live in the town where the school children many years ago proposed that the Lilac be named the state flower. We have a sign at the end of my road commemorating it! It is the Town of Danville (Netween Manchester and Portsmouth on the map). Small town (about 6000 people). Thought the boys owuld be interested to know the history behind the lilac being named the State flower. Also, we have the oldest original meeting house still in existance rom 1624.

    Many Blessings and thanks for sharing so much of yourself with all of us!


    Michele from NH

  2. Well, I live in Virginia, you could come stay with me and we could make a day trip to Williamsburg and Jamestown? :0)

  3. Michele ~ Thank you so much for taking a moment to comment and share that information about NH with us! My boys were very interested!!

    Kim ~ Wouldn't that be so much fun! My boys have were talking about Williamsburg and Jamestown all day yesteryda! And I would love to go back and visit Christendom College again. My sister had been living in VA for years, though they just moved to Hawaii.... My husbands sister lives in VA as well, so I am pretty sure we'd stay with her if we did visit. I wish they lived closer and our children (she just had her 5th) could get to know each other. Maybe someday!

  4. I was really just kidding, but, if you're ever in VA, let me know! I'd love to actually meet you and your children.


  5. Goodness, well now that last post sounded snooty, didn't it? That's the downside of blogging and email, you can't always convey your exact meaning.

    OF COURSE your sweet family would be welcome in my home, but I also realize that we really don't even know each other that well. I am just so blessed by your blog and so encouraged and inspired by you and your sweet family I guess I feel like I do know you, and I would certainly LOVE to meet you!

    So, I hope that helps to soften up my last post a little. :0)


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