Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Few More Pictures...

... from this year's All Saints' Party!

Group Photo of all the little ones dressed as Saints

This year instead of just a few moms bringing all the games, each family was asked to bring one.   It worked out great and the children all loved all the new (and old!) games this year! 

~ Saint Search ~

This game is from Illuminated Ink.  I loved howmy friend Jacinta had prizes that tied in to the various saints:  St Francis = Animal Crackers, St. Lucy = Chocolate Eyeballs, St. Apollonia (patron of dentists) = Gummy Teeth,  St. Peter = Goldfish, etc...

~ St. Nicholas' Coin Toss ~

This new game idea came from Charlotte and was implemented by Erica.  It was so much fun, and the children loved the addition of Chocolate Coins for prizes!

~ Feed My Sheep ~ 

~ St. Peter's Fishing ~

~ Toss the Roses into St. Juan Diego's Tilma ~

"St. Therese" had particularly good aim with the roses! ;) 

~ Saint Anthony's Lost Keys ~

Don't you just love that picture of Snuggles with his chin sitting on the table!  :-)

My kids loved the Lost Key game that Amy's family brought to the party!

~ Mary Magdalene's Scented Oil Match ~

This was another idea from Charlotte, though Trina (a mom of 5 boys and 2 girls) decided to change the name from "perfume" to "oil" in case there were any boys out there that might not want to play a game even remotely connected to "perfumes!" lol! 

~ 7 Deadly Sins Golf~ 

Practice Swing! ;-) 

~ Wall of Saints ~

This year we had a wall of saints!  Each child brought a colored picture and/or story about their saint to hang on the wall.  I only snapped a picture of a few, but it was so neat! 

~ The Graveyard ~ 

In addition to coordinating and decorating for the party this year, Marci also set up the "graveyard." At the base of the crosses, the tombstones are labeled: Departed Family, Forgotten Dead, Departed Clergy, and Departed Friends. There were markers available so that everyone was able to write their departed loved ones names down.

~ Heavenly Back Drop ~

Marci and I attempted to paint a "Heavenly" backdrop this year, at the last minute, the day before our party.   I told her it turned out looking more like an overcast day in purgatory! lol!  (It doesn't look quite as bad in the pictures...)  Anyhow, perhaps next year we can find someone that can really paint to make one for us!

Just like every year, my children had a wonderful time!


  1. It was fun! I wish my sign had come out better, lol... but that is what i get for forgetting until the last minute!

  2. Oh gosh, your moms are so much more creative than our homeschool group!!! (hope none of them are reading this....)

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. That looks like SO MUCH fun Jessica! Your homeschooling group is so blessed.
    Maybe next year we'll plan a cross-country tour and "just happen" to be in your area for All Saints Day... lol!

  4. That party rocked! Giving all those creative moms a big shout from down here in TX! Woohoo!

  5. What *fantastic* ideas!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration:o) Yay! I am so excited that I want to have a party next year just to try out all of these fun games.

  6. great faithfilled festivities!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for all the great photos and ideas. I know you've posted this in the past...but I can't seem to find it. What is the name/source of software for the printable saint pictures and artwork you use (like on the musical saint chairs)?

  8. Wow!! It looks like everything turned out so wonderful! What a great homeschool group. Marci did such a great job.

  9. April ~ The saint pictures and coloring pages all come from Catholic Artworks' Faith Keepers Combo CD. Here is the link: Faith Keepers Combo. Homeschoolers can recieve 50% off.

    (Note: Sometimes it takes quite awhile for orders to arrive. However, I think it is worth the wait and this CD is my favorite of all of their products!)


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