Monday, November 8, 2010

St. Therese Lap Book

Last month my children enjoyed creating Lap Books in honor of St. Therese using the excellent St. Therese the Little Flower Faith Folder created by Holy Learning (previously Faith Folders for Catholics)!

In addition to the studying/completing the mini-books for our Lap Books we also enjoyed many books and activities in honor of St. Therese during the month of October.   You can find them (and other ideas!) listed in this post: Ideas for Celebrating the Feast of St. Therese.

Here are some pictures of Twinkle Toes' completed Lap Book:

~ Front Cover ~

Twinkle Toes opted to use Scrapbook Paper & Stickers, Cut-out Letters and an Image of St. Therese for her front cover.  She also decided to create her lap book using a 2 folder layout.  

~ Inside First Folder ~ 

Right Flap:
  • "The Martin Family" Open-Up Book Set
  • "The Road to Carmel" Pick-a-Tab Book
  • "The Martin Sisters" Square Fold-Out Book
  • "St. Therese Facts" Triple-Decker Book Set
Left Flap:
  • "The Little Flower Timeline"

~ Inside Second Folder ~ 

Left Flap:
  • "Our Lady of the Smile" Open the Doors Book
  • "The Infant Jesus of Prague" Open the Doors Book
  • Words of the Little Flower" Rose Shape Book
  • "Sacrifices for Jesus" Cone Pouch
  • "The Process of Sainthood" Multiple Flaps Book
  • "Discalced Carmelites" Pentagon Book
  • "Unlikely Patron of Missions" Rectangle Book
  • "Doctors of the Church" Square Fold-Up Book
  • "Sacrifices and the Little Way" Heart Shape Book
Right Flap:
  • "Building My Own Little Way" Graduated Pages Book
  • "St. Therese the Little Flower Novenas" Pocket and Prayer Cards Set

~ Back Cover ~ 

My children love all of the paper dolls at Paper Dali, and Twinkle Toes decided to create a pocket on the back cover of her lap book for her St. Therese paper doll

She used a lovely coloring page for the outside of the Paper Doll pocket. 


  1. Love it!!! So cute and wonderful!

  2. Oh! Wow! I love all of your little additions! You guys did a fantastic job on it! I wish I had half of your creative thought. My poor kiddos have to put up with me, lol. Thanks for sharing it, Jessica.

  3. It came out really cute. We're half way done over here but had to take some time away from it. Alas, there just never seems to be the time in the day to do everything.
    The pictures of Twinkle Toes should inspire some little ones under my roof to get a move on...:)

  4. My second girl will LOVE the pink folder! I haven't made ours yet, but I love Twinkle Toes' idea of a pocket for the paper doll! Looks like she got her mommy's creative gene!;)

  5. Thank you for sharing! I know what I want to do next year with at least one child in my house. :)

  6. Those are beautiful! Now Meg wants to do one!

  7. Although I have no idea who St. Therese is, this is a beautiful lapbook for sure! I like all the illustrations and the delicate pink tone.

  8. I am so impressed and inspired by this entire blog. I searched google for Early Explorer ideas and came across your site. Low and behold you are Catholic too!!! Bonus for me. I teach 5th grade at a Catholic school. Your lap books are AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing all your stuff. Amazing. Simply amazing!


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