Tuesday, October 26, 2010

He has a point...

Mom:  Okay boys, your dictation sentence is from Mr. Revere and I.  This is what Scheherazade says, after all her adventures.

"How times and fortunes do change!  My circumstances are most comfortable, my duties almost none."

Hmmm... I guess I could say the same thing, now that we have our new kitchen and dishwasher!

Captain:  Well, it certainly cost a fortune!


  1. LOL! We are doing WWE also...this is our third year with it, and the first year that I got the workbooks. Talk about easy! I'm so glad Elizabeth posted about it a few weeks ago!

  2. Very funny! That Captain is a wise and observant young man!

  3. Aimee ~ I decided to switch to WWE and First Language Lessons after you told me to check them out last year! I LOVE both programs! They are perfect for my children! I couldn't even imagine trying to do the WWE with OUT the workbooks?! That would be SO hard!


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