Friday, October 8, 2010

A Baby Shower of Roses

Last fall I was given a beautiful Shower of Roses for Our Baby as we were preparing for the arrival of our little "Rose."   Recently a good friend of mine delivered another precious baby girl, and since one of her patron saints is St. Therese I thought a little rose themed baby shower would be be just the thing to  celebrate her arrival!

It was rather a last minute thing, since I had been without a kitchen and on crutches, and so I only had a couple weeks hours to plan, not to mention PRAY that our kitchen would be at least close to being finished (the cabinet doors were installed the day before the shower!), so I told her it would probably be more like a "sprinkle" instead of a "shower."   Even though it was rather thrown together, it turned out to be a lovely afternoon.

~ Invitations ~

I didn't have time to mail out invitations, so email it was...  
Thank goodness for the stationery feature on my iMac!

~ Guests of Honor ~

Amy with her little Sweet Pea
I had wanted to make a Baby Sock Corsage for Amy, but having run out of time, ended up just pinning a single "rose" made from a pretty pink ruffly sock.  

~ Decorations ~

Fresh cut roses, of course!

Isn't that a cute little rose tea-pot? I found it at Pier 1.   

Speaking of Pier 1, I also have a total love of rose shaped candles right now (ever since I received a box of beautiful rose candles from PJ. THANK YOU PJ!!) and just cleaned our Pier 1 store out of these Pink Rose Tealights!  LOVE them!  

I loved Lacy's idea of tying roses to the bottom of balloons for a "Shower of Roses" and knew that I just had to get some balloons!  Thank you to my Hubby for running to the store while I finished getting ready! :) 

Marci brought candles and little ceramic roses to decorate the table.

I also set out one of my little St. Therese statues with the pretty little rose tea-pot that Amy gave me last year.

~ Games ~ 

I wasn't planning on doing any games, but at 1 am the night before I decided that we *had* to at least have a couple games...  

I am sure everyone else agreed when they realized that they all got to have some baby food as an appetizer! ;) 

Uuummmmm, YUM!  ;) 

We also played "Name the Baby!"
Next time I will be sure to not wait until the night before early morning of the shower to print the games...  Apparently my computer switched around the numbering and I was too tired to notice!  Oops! 

Rose Candle Holders with Tea Lights were the prizes.

~ Refreshments ~

Hubby ordered the cake for me from Costco. (I "erased" the writing on it for this blog post.)  I had him ask them to use their special autumn frosting colors of burgundy and sage green, along with baby pink.  Didn't it turn out so pretty!  

"Perfectly Pink Party Punch"

1 liter Ginger Ale
1 liter Raspberry Soda
4-6 scoops of Berry Sherbet 
and 1/2-1 cup Frozen Raspberries

Coffee, Cocoa and Tea...

... served with cream and sugar...

... and chocolate roses! 

~ Gifts ~

Amy received all sorts of gifts for her and the baby - darling new outfits, a nursing cover, a beautiful baby book, and a big group gift of a new pack-n-play

~ Favors ~

~ A Few More Pictures ~

My Helpers

Rose and her little cousin, who isn't quite SO little anymore! 

Welcome Sweet Pea!


  1. you are a blessed friend! beautiful celebration with attention to every detail. love the sock corsage.

    pax - lena

  2. What a special day!! You have to know you sure made that precious little one feel special ( and her mommy too) All of your decorations are so sweet!

  3. What a beautiful shower. She is very lucky to have a friend like you. What a precious little gift from God.

  4. what a beautiful shower. everything ws so perfect. your little helpers are darling. you know, they have started to resemble each other. when I first started reading your blog Jessica, they looked different from each other, as they grow, they look more alike. (just an outsider's observation). I love those roses showering down from the balloons.

  5. It was amazingly beautiful! I am so lucky o have such wonderful friends. Everything was perfect, especially the hostess!

    Thank you Jessica from the bottom of my heart!!!

  6. Amy's baby is just beautiful! And btw, your kitchen looks great!

  7. What an adorable shower party! It looks like the shower was a great success! Such fun. Great theme. :) Love all the ideas, the colors, the food, it's all just simply adorable! Thanks for sharing photos.

  8. That is so beautiful! What a GREAT idea!:)

  9. Beautifully done, Jessica! What a blessed thing to have such good girlfriends. :)

  10. This looks beautiful! It's amazing what you're capable of even last minute! :-)

    I can't believe you had a "Shower of Roses" last November. And I thought I had such an original idea. Lol! I guess great minds think alike ;-)


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