Thursday, September 30, 2010

Celebrating Michaelmas ~ 2010

Our celebration of Michaelmas was quite similar to past years, with just a few little changes...

This year the girls made our annual Michaelmas Day Cupcakes. . . 

 . . . and we were able to bake them all at once in our new oven! 

We also had our traditional dinner for Michaelmas of Apple Chicken, Steamed Carrots, Garlic Pasta, French Bread, and Sparkling Blackberry Izze Drinks and I was able to use all FOUR burners for the first time in 10 years! 

(Note:  My brother The Electrician will be back today to finish the electrical in the kitchen, and so this range/oven still isn't completely hooked up, but the gas has been connected and I am able to light the burners with a match!  So cool!!  This cooking with gas is a whole new learning experience for me though, and in the future I need to be sure to NOT simmer anything on the "power burner."  Oops!  Our chicken was a little scorched this year!  With all these new appliances, I'm having to learn how to cook all over again...)

It still tasted yummy. . . Thankfully! 

Instead of coloring pictures, the children decided to illustrate their own St. Michael pictures, while dinner was cooking. 

In the meantime, someone was anxiously awaiting his cupcake.

After dinner, and singing "Happy Feast Day" to St. Michael, it was time for a few little sword fights...

... and finally stabbing those Devil Food Cupcakes. 

We hope you all had a Happy Michaelmas Day!


  1. I am curious about the stove surface the pans are on. It looks like a grille top....can you show a lighter pic or is that what it really is? It is Nothing like I have seen before so I am curious. I am shopping for ideas right now as want to do away with my glass top. I had a Jennaire for years and am so sorry I didn't stick to that. I loved it. Thanks.

  2. Happy Feast, and wow, I'm coveting your new stove.

  3. Oh, wow!! Your kitchen looks wonderful, Jessica! I think you will come to love cooking with gas. I love my gas stove and wouldn't have anything else.

  4. truly envious of your new stove!! Happy feastday, by the way love Twinkletoes new do!

  5. so wonderful. We are hoping to get settled in our new home too. So glad you are done enough to celebrate this active feast day season :)

  6. another beautiful celebration! So happy about your great kitchen!

  7. I have said it before... more than once I am sure... your family is just lovely! What a nice celebration, and the new kitchen is gorgeous! Peace

  8. The kitchen looks great! I love Snuggles' expression looking at the cupcakes.

  9. lovely feast day celebration.awesome kitchen.
    pax - lena

  10. Thank you everyone! Now that the cabinet doors are finally on the cabinets I've been wanting to take and post more pictures of the remodel, but I just haven't had time.

    Anonymous ~ Here is the link to our Range/Oven. It is made by Kitchenaid and has Cast Iron Grates on top. I love it!

  11. I agree with Kelly, You are going to love cooking with gas. The first house we bought had a gas stove and I was a bit apprehensive since I had no experience cooking with it, but I loved it. In our new house we have an electric range with a glass top and although it's a newer and nicer stove , I sorely miss my old gas model!


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