Friday, August 6, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: Our Home Remodel

It has been a LONG time since I have participated in Seven Quick Takes, but I thought it would be an easy way to give you all an update on our addition and kitchen remodel.

~  1 ~

That big black sheet of plastic that was blocking off the addition came down the other day so the tape and texture could be completed.  It is so exciting to see it all start coming together!

~ 2 ~

Hubby and I need to have all the painting done by Monday.   We started yesterday and, with some help from my brother and sister-in-law (They picked up more paint, watched the kids, and even took the boys to Hockey!) and a super thoughtful care package from a friend (Which kept our children occupied the rest of the time!), we were able to paint all day long.

We were able to finish all the primer and the ceilings, and today we'll start working on the walls.

~ 3 ~

Oooh!  I can't wait to see how the paint turns out.  I'm a little bit nervous and just praying that the colors I choose look okay. . .   (Yes, Cathy, I've had plenty of headaches and even a couple panic attacks from making all these decisions!)   We decided to keep things fairly simple and are sticking with two neutral colors for the walls .  The New Dining Room and Living Room will be Wilmington Tan (Thank you Aimee and Helen for the suggestion!) and our Entry/Old Living Room, Bathroom, Laundry Room and Kitchen will all be Philadelphia Cream with some more of the Wilmington Tan as an accent on the fireplace wall.

~ 4 ~

We ordered all the flooring on Wednesday!  The Dining and Living Room will all have an Engineered Wood Flooring.  We decided on the 5" Hampton Hickory Plank made by Mannington in the color: English Leather.  We thought we would have it on Monday, but it's actually not going to arrive until the 25th.  Nevertheless, the addition should still be completed by the end of the month!

~ 5 ~

We found a tile for the kitchen, entry, bathroom and laundry room, made by United Tile.  It's their Mediterranea Bellagio Tile in Gold.  It's SO much prettier in person than in the picture below.  We love that it looks like it has texture to it, but is actually smooth which should make cleaning a bit easier.    

~ 6 ~

The sink and faucet need to be here next week so the Granite can be measured for installation, so I finally made a decision and ordered them this past week.   The sink is a little bit different (It has the low "Smart Divide" in the center which will make washing cookie sheets and filling pots a little easier.), but I think I am going to love it.  We ordered it in "Biscuit" which is slightly off white. 

~ 7 ~

Picking light fixtures (or should I say agreeing on light fixtures!) has been so hard.   I finally found some earlier this week that I LOVE, but Hubby isn't so sure. (He did say that if I really would like them, that it would be fine!!)  I'd love to hear what you all think!

Two sconces for above the Fireplace:

Two pendants for above the Counter Bar:


This light would go above the Island in the Kitchen:

This one would be for above the Dining Room Table:

And these two sconces would be on a couple walls in the new Living Room:

We still need to choose coach lights for outside and a fixture for the bathroom... 

Okay . . . The baby just fell asleep for her morning nap, so it's time for me to get back to painting!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S.  I know I owe many of you answers to emails and questions from comments.   I will try and answer some of them soon!


  1. Your Wilmington Tan looks a lot like my Peanut Butter. It's a nice warm natural color.

    I like your light fixtures -- very pretty. Just make sure you'll like them for a long time -- good light fixtures should last for a long time (because they are expensive!). ;-)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fixtures!!! I would have probably picked them out myself....hmmm....maybe I need new fixtures too!

    The WT is such a great color. It truly becomes what you make it. It looks different in my house, my mom's house, and my friend's because of our different accents. But it looks amazing in all three!

  3. Everything looks beautiful! I believe that your light fixtures are great. They look as though they'll never be outdated.

  4. LOVE the light fixtures!! They are beautiful!!!

  5. The paint colors have different names, but look exactly like what is in my house, and I love them!

  6. Everything's beautiful. the colors and that tile floor! wow. don't worry about answering the comment I posted in the previous post -- you've got painting to do!!

  7. Jessica, Everything is wonderful. And, wow, look at the amount of space you're adding - Amazing. I know you're so anxious to be done. Congrats on beatuiful choices on paint, flooring and fixtures. Everything will look so beautiful! I think you see light at the end of that tunnel!!!! I think all of your readers/ followers are so happy for you!!

  8. Yay!! I'm glad to hear that some of you like the lights! It may be awhile before we are able to order all of them, but I think (since we are doing all the painting ourselves and I'm waiting on the wall oven - we were so over budget) that I'll be able to order a few of them now. (Thankfully my Dad & Brothers are all Electricians, so they can be installed whenever.) I think they will be beautiful and that I won't ever get sick of them.

    I've finished painting one of the walls in the kitchen with the Philadelphia Cream (perfect color for a kitchen right?! It makes me want to go bake a Cheesecake!) and it looks so pretty!

    Gardenia ~ I did just leave an answer to your question in the last post. :-)

    And YES! I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel - and hopefully Charlotte was right when she said "It's not a train!" lol!!

    It won't be long and we'll be doing all sorts of Fall Baking! Okay - back to painting! :-)

  9. LOVE the light fixtures! I am so glad your remodeling project is going well. I had plywood countertops for a year! I can't wait to see it all done:)

  10. Thank you so much, Jessica and Gardenia for the advice on the cd's!! Jessica I love your remodelling choices; it is going to be so beautiful when you are done! Take it easy when you can and don't worry about getting back to us right now - we will be here and we all understand that your life is especially complicated right now.

  11. I am sooooooo excited to see it!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Goodness! Such wonderful and pretty things you are going to have in your house. :)

  13. Beautiful Jessica, coming along so quickly! We are starting back building this weekend, planning on joining the 'old house' and the 'new house' together:)

  14. On the fixtures I love pictures 2, 3, and 4, but I'm like your hub I guess; I'm not sure about pictures 1 and 5. Good luck getting everything finished!

  15. We are pretty certain on 2, 3 & 4 - but it is 1 & 5 that are still in debate. We could go with this wall sconce instead of #5 in the Living Room, and we aren't sure about #1 since it will be in a different room (so not necessary to match the others - though you can still see the kitchen from the entry) and it will be the main light for that room . . . Hummm....

  16. I think I have those exact or similiar colors in my house. The flooring and fixtures look so elegant. It's going to be a show-stopper! Can't wait to see "the reveal."

  17. Would love to see a post at the end about what you're thrilled with, what you'd do differently if you could do it over, etc. And definitely what you think of your new sink! I've never seen one like that before - neat!

  18. Your choices are all so wonderful and very harmonious and warm and no way can I figure out why you doubt yourself so much! What a great job. It all goes together so beautifully.
    Congrats Jessica and Hubby! You are going to be enjoying a totally new home. Enjoy it.

  19. Ooh, I love your 2nd option for a wall sconces! It'd be perfect continuity between that and your other fixtures, and that lovely tile you chose.

    Can't wait to see the "after" photos!

  20. this looks so awesome! i cant wait for it to be done, you deserve the space. so happy for you guys. hope you get some rest after all the painting.

  21. oh, and seeing this is really making me want to buy a fixer upper in vegas and do some work ourselves (probably luckily tug isnt on board with that idea!)

  22. AMAZING! It's going to be so beautiful when it's finished! I bet you're so excited to have the extra room! Yaaay!

  23. Just love your lighting fixture choices! The tile is beautiful, also. Praying your home will be finished for you quickly!


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