Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Flowers Girls' Club ~ Easy Craft Ideas for Wreath I

Last year I posted some Easy Craft Ideas for Wreath II for Our Little Flowers Girls' Club.  At the time I also put together a list of ideas for Wreath I to share with a couple friends, though I never did get around to posting it here on my blog.   I thought I would share them with you all now, in case any of you are looking for ideas.

I haven't had any time to plan for this coming year yet, and I considered just going back and doing Wreath I over again, but I think I will try and spend some time this next week planning our year with Wreath III, with the intentions of going back to Wreath I next year.

To keep things simple, all of these crafts come from Oriental Trading.  If you end up placing an order, be sure to search for an Oriental Trading Coupon Code.   You can usually always find a coupon that will work and save a little extra money.

1. Flower: Sunflower ~ Virtue: Faith ~ Saint: St. Catherine of Siena ~ Color: Brightest Yellow

The flower for this meeting is the Sunflower:

"Our Faith may be compared to this flower, since its gaze is ever fixed above, and turned toward the glorious sun of divine truth."

Oriental Trading has a darling Sunflower Wind Sock (found here)which would be a fun craft for this meeting.

Another idea would be to make a candle or candle holder craft since:

"God is light. In Him, there is no darkness." 

You could easily put together the supplies for this craft or purchase kits here: Tissue Paper and Glass Votive Holder Kit

2. Flower: The Ivy ~ Virtue: Hope ~ Saint: St. Monica ~ Color: Green

The Ivy Heart we made for our Notebook Pages during our meeting was adapted from one of the crafts suggested in the Craft Companion.   Another suggestion was to decorate flower pots and I thought the girls would enjoy this little kit: Artist Flowerpots.

3. Flower: The Peony ~ Virtue: Love of God ~ Saint: St. Agnes ~ Color: Pink

The God is Love Cross Magnet would be perfect for this virtue, don't you think?!  You can find it here at Oriental Trading.  It looks like they have another version available now as well.

4. Flower: Rose ~ Virtue: Love of Neighbor ~ Saint: St. Jane Frances de Chantal ~ Color: Light Red

This Heart Stacking Candle Craft Kit would be a nice craft to make to give as a gift to a friend/neighbor!

5. Flower: The Carnation ~ Virtue: Obedience ~ Saint: St. Joan of Arc ~ Color: White

Since "Joan of Arc started out at a Shepherdess, until God Called her to defend his flock," here is a "Talk to the Shepherd" Lamb Craft Kit.

Another idea would be to make Coffee Filter Carnations!

6. Flower: The Forget-Me-Not  ~ Virtue: Piety ~ Saint: St. Cecelia ~ Color: Bright Blue

Since I tied in the "Colors of Piety" to this meeting for my own group, a rainbow craft would work well! Here is a kit for a pretty Rainbow Sun Catcher.

7. Flower: The Violet  ~ Virtue: Humility ~ Saint: St. Catherine Laboure ~ Color: Purple

The Wreath 1 Craft Companion suggests a craft based on the Footprints poem: "Footprints" is a powerful reminder of how much we depend on God.  This Footprints Cross Craft Kit would work perfectly!

8. Flower: The Daffodil  ~ Virtue: Industry ~ Saint: St. Frances Xavier Cabrini ~ Color: Pale Yellow

Here is a craft idea for something which can be used "industriously" in the kitchen: Wood Butterfly Recipe Card Holder

9. Flower: The Narcissus  ~ Virtue: Truthfulness ~ Saint: St. Bridget of Sweden ~ Color: Light Orange

"St. Bridget was a lady-in-waiting for royalty, but with her zeal for truth, she was true nobility." ~ LF Craft Companion

Here is a fun kit for some Fabulous Foam Princess Crowns!

I also choose a second craft for our last meeting, a little something for the girls to make to give to their moms at our tea party. This past year we the girls made little pins.

I hope this post is helpful for some of you. . .   Now I better get busy thinking about Wreath III!!!  Actually, I shouldn't have to do much to plan out our first meeting!  Thank you Shelly!!

P.S.  For those of you who have asked, I will try and post pictures and links/notebook pages for those remaining two meetings from Wreath II soon.   I just need to find them!   ;)


  1. This is awesome!

    I take it you got my email based on your P.S!

    I ordered from Sacred Heart today, and I hope to finish up my Oriental Trading order tomorrow. Nothing like being under the gun!

  2. Jessica, thank you so much. I am starting a Little Flower club this year at our Parish and we will be working on Wreath I. You are an answer to a prayer and such a blessing to so many. Have a great week!

  3. We just started Wreath III. There aren't many ideas on the LF yahoogroup or on blogs. For Eutrapelia (modest relaxation & good wit) we made a pretty little jar of bath salts with a few drops of lavendar. I gave the girls a piece of fancy chocolate too. When the going gets tough, a bath & chocolate do help one to relax and not take life too seriously! It was a big hit!

  4. I'm wrapping up my plans for Little Flowers this year. I'm headed back to wreath I.
    Giving thanks for all your great ideas!
    Pax Christi - lena

  5. THank you so very much from the other coast! i started a Little Flowers group last year and i can't tell you how much your blog has helped me!! we just oredered everything for Wreath II and used many of your craft ideas. we are also going to do the notebook pages. So, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i truly appreciate you taking the time to post of of these wonderful ideas!
    God bless you and your family.

  6. Thank you for the great ideas! I know the girls will love making the carnations.

  7. For hope we did the tissue paper votive but placed a picture of our Blessed Mother ("Hope for sinners") on the front. idea from:
    We printed a variety of images of Mary for the girls to choose from.
    We used a glossy decoupage glue and then "painted" it on over the tissue squares and picture to seal it. We also added small jewels using the same glue. They turned out beautifully!

  8. This information is very helpful! Thank you for compiling an entire wreath's worth of ideas in one spot!


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