Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ten Pins

Ten Shoes

Ten Frames

Ten Strikes

... Okay, not even one quite! ;) 

Ten Candles

Happy 10th Birthday Captain!! 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it was a wonderful one!

  2. Happy 10th Birthday! It looks like a really fun celebration!

  3. I love the shot of the ten little bowling shoes. :)

  4. Feliz Cumple Ano Captain. May God bless you and the Holy Spirit guide you always!

  5. Happy birthday Captain! May all your wishes come true! I guess the cake was one wish already :)

  6. Double digits!

    Luv how you set that up, clever girl.

    God bless him 10 times over....

  7. You are so clever!
    Happy Birthday Captain!
    Here are 10 things the blog readers love about you:
    1. You are an unfailing example of faith!
    2. You are kind
    3. and thoughtful!
    4. You are a caring brother.
    5. Your bright smile brings so much joy to the world.
    6. Your tidy work is a great example of scholarship.
    7. You show respect for your parents.
    8. You are a good role model.
    9. You are loving to all you know.
    10. You are a great leader.
    God bless you always, Captain!

  8. I was so busy with my grand daughters birthday at the same day that I forgot to get online. Happy Birthday Captain! What great pics and fun! PJ

  9. Happy birthday! What fun you have with parties and such! You are right, My Opie and your Captain are very much alike.. wish we did live closer too!


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