Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Day(s)book :: Under Construction!

Outside my window... the siding is almost complete!

I am listening to... the contractors hanging the sheetrock, beginning at about 6:00 am each morning.

I am thinking... about paint colors and whether or not we want to paint the new living room and dining room a different color than the kitchen.  At first we were leaning towards a goldish yellow for the kitchen and a khaki/tan for the living dining room, (though we are also considering some sage/greens), but now I am thinking about just painting the whole thing tan.  Oh!  I also need to pick colors for the laundry room (which will be filled with white appliances and no cabinets - they were cut due to our budget) and the bathroom.   The original rooms of the house and the hallway are all white with "Adobe" in Master Bedroom, "Bone" in the Master Bathroom,  a light green in the kids bathroom, another green in the girls bedroom, and "Honeysuckle" in the nursery.   If any one has a favorite color(s), I'm open to suggestions!

I am thankful... that we were able to find a countertop option within our budget, without having to go with formica or laminate. Apparently our kitchen will have a LOT of countertop space - 78. square feet to be exact! Although I would have liked to go with Quartz countertops, they were just way out of our budget. We will be going with a "Builder's Special" on Granite. On all the "work areas" we will be using a pretty color called "Santa Cecilia" (isn't that perfect!) with "Black Galaxy" on our island.

One of the easiest decisions so far has been our backsplash! We were refered by the Granite Store to another tile store and after answering a few questions and showing the lady our granite and cabinite colors she whipped together a backsplash that was perfect.   She didn't have a sample of the little tiles for us, so I snapped a picture (though I think it looked much prettier in person):

I am hoping and praying... that Hubby will be able to get a little overtime this summer so we'll be able to finish the flooring and fireplace in our entry and order the extra wall oven.  At this point it is looking like I'm going to have to choose between the two.  Bummer!

I am thinking...  if I have to choose,  I will probably choose to wait on the wall oven/microwave combo and finish the entryway and fireplace.  Especially since all of the brick has been already removed from the walls.   (This has needed to be done since we moved in 10 years ago and my Dad & Hubby "temporarily" secured the brick to the wall with flashing when it started to fall forward!)

Last week:

This Week:

When Hubby was removing the last bricks at the bottom, he found piles of dog food in between the walls?!  I'm guessing that it has been there a LONG time considering we have never even owned a dog! Isn't that strange?  

We still have a few decisions to make on the fireplace. . . We've decided to replace the brick with stone, probably country ledgestone or limestone.  We still need to decide what color stone and much stone we'd like to use.  At first Hubby really wanted to stone the whole wall (which I think would be too much rock), then we thought about bringing it in 18" on each side, now we are thinking about still bringing it in 18" on each side and stopping part way up the wall and just topping it with a nice mantle to match our kitchen cabinets.  It has been a hard decision to make! 

From the kitchen... Last week the rough plumbing and electrical were completed and the insulation was installed.  Yesterday the sheetrock went up on the ceiling and the contractors are working on the walls today.  It's all starting to come together!



From the School Room... I'm still trying to sort through everything that had to come down from my storage shelf, and did sell a few things on Cathswap...  What a mess!  Where ever am I going to put all the new school books that are starting to arrive?!

Living the Liturgical Year at Home... Despite the lack of a kitchen, we are still finding little ways to live the liturgical year at home.  Now if I could just think of something easy for the feast of St. Ignatius on Saturday, which is also Captain's Baptismal Anniversary.

I am creating... a checklist of things that need to be done when we head to town in a few minutes after I post (finally!) this "day"book that I've been trying to find time to work on since Monday! lol!

Noticing that... this new little bathroom that will lead into our new laundry room will be so nice to have as our boys get older.   Especially since it is right next to their bedroom.

(There will be a pocket door (which was installed yesterday after I took these pictures) on this side - of the picture on the right- of the shower, closing the bathroom off from the laundry room.)

Around the house...   Note to self:  When dumping the dirty dishwater out the bedroom door, make sure a frog doesn't hop in!  Otherwise you may wake up the whole household late at night, just after mopping the floor, when you spot him hopping down the hallway! 

One of my favorite things... paper plates.  :-)

A few plans for the rest of the week:
  • Order the Range/Oven and Hood (still trying to decide which model)
  • Pick up Paint Samples and decide on Paint Colors
  • Decide on Wood Flooring and order the Tile
  • Pick out Kitchen Sink and other plumbing fixtures
  • Move all the furniture out of the entry/living room (they will be working on the sheetrock in there on Saturday, and it won't be too long before the carpet will be replaced with tile) 
A Picture thought I am sharing:

That would be the Sears Truck delivering our DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to try it out!  I wonder how many things I am going to ruin as I get use to using one?! 

Okay. . . I am off to town with all 6 kids to try and make some decisions. . . (wish me luck!) Then it's to the Rink for Hockey this evening.  It's going to be a busy day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

On the Feast of St. Anne

We colored a beautiful picture...

... ate a delicious Watermelon Pie...

... won a gorgeous "St. Anne" Rosary (Thank you Anne!!!!)...

... read a lovely short story, and prayed for the intercession of this beloved saint.

Good Saint Anne, you were especially favoured by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, and thus grandmother of our Saviour Jesus Christ.  By your intimacy with your most pure daughter and her divine Son, kindly obtain for us the graces that we seek.  Secure for us the strength to perform faithfully our daily duties and the help we need to persevere in the love of Jesus and Mary.  Amen.

I hope you all had a very blessed feast of St. Anne! 

Ten More Takes

I started this post last Wednesday and am just now getting around to finishing up the post. I've just had so little time for blogging, not to mention reading blogs and responding to emails. I have a feeling that it will probably continue to be that way for the rest of the summer, though I will continue to try and pop in from time to time.

To be quite honest, it was such a blessing that everything fell into place last Tuesday morning and Captain's birthday turned out to be such a special day for him.  I am doing better at the moment, but last Monday I had been completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and on the verge of a breakdown.  I do realize that we are so blessed to be able to remodel our home right now, but any extra prayers you can send our way, as we try to make it through the process, would be greatly appreciated!

Anyhow, here are "Ten more Takes" from Captain's 10th birthday last week:

~ 1 ~

A free Birthday Drink from a local Coffee Drive-Thru!

~ 2 ~

We all had so much fun at the bowling alley.   I was very thankful that it only cost $10.00 (the cost of shoe rental) for five of my children to bowl two games each!  Do you have a bowling alley in your area that is participating in the Kids Bowl Free Summer Program?  I think we will have to make the effort to go back once or twice before the summer ends! 

~ 3 ~

Tuesday is also "Kids Night" at our Applebee's (all kid's meals are just 99 cents each), so we headed there for dinner!  (As a family of 8, eating out has become a rare treat!)  We arrived at 5pm, just as my sister, Aunt JoAnn, was starting her shift!

~ 4 ~

During dinner I told Captain that I just couldn't believe he was already 10 years old. . . Rascal piped in "Oh no. . . Your not going to start cryin' now, are ya?  Don't go starting the waterworks!"   And, wouldn't you know it?!  That was all it took to get the tears flowing!  He can be such a little stinker!!  ;) 

~ 5 ~

After dinner Captain and I went to pick out a cake!  I was sad that I couldn't make him one myself - he had wanted a "jet cake" - but he was SO excited when I told him that Dairy Queen actually makes Blizzard Cakes! They even had his favorite flavor!  Yum!!

Rascal, who couldn't get past the fact that we weren't going to decorate the cake, made a lego "10" himself, to add to the store bought cake. 

~ 6 ~

Captain had another surprise when we arrived home with the cake.  It was a last minute decision and Hubby picked it up in between bowling and dinner.  

~ 7 ~

Snuggles LOVED the cake.   However, as soon as his big brother blew out the candles he said,  "Heyyyyy!!  You ruined it, the candles!  It's MY birthday!"  He was a bit confused! lol!

~ 8 ~

After the cake, it was time to open gifts.  It makes me so happy that my children get excited about receiving books as gifts!  Captain received a number of books off of next year's book list for World History, including a couple books about his favorite saints! 

~ 9 ~

His final gift was a game he had been wanting for A. LONG. TIME!  

(We were able to purchase this game with some of the credit I earned from those of you who purchase from Amazon after clicking over from one of my links, so THANK YOU!) 

~ 10 ~

At the end of the day Captain said "Thank you so much Dad & Mom.  This was my favorite birthday ever!"  Then he went on to add, " I say that every year, don't I?!"   

He is such a wonderful son and we are so very blessed to have him in our life!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ten Pins

Ten Shoes

Ten Frames

Ten Strikes

... Okay, not even one quite! ;) 

Ten Candles

Happy 10th Birthday Captain!!