Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Week's Progress

 ~ Monday, June 14th ~

 (The boys were both hired by the contractor, one on Monday and the other on Thursday, to clean up!) 

 ~ Tuesday, June 15th ~

 ~ Thursday, June 17th ~

Photo Credit :  Rascal 

~ Friday, June 18th ~ 


  1. Jessica!!!!! Oh my goodness! That is incredible!

  2. WOW!!! That's a lot of progress for one week! Hope they move that fast on the inside :)

  3. How exciting! It's like Extreme Home Makeover!

  4. Jessica

    Love seeing the pictures:):) I didn't realise you were so nestled amongst the trees, lovely.

  5. Isn't it fun to see how much more room you'll have?! Exciting.

  6. It's coming along so nicely! We are enjoying watching the progress on our house, too ... Every day is one step closer to completion! Hooray!!!

  7. Wow, they work quickly! How exciting to see your plans come to fruition! I am happy for you all.

  8. Jessica, Looks like this terrific addition will add so much space to your home. I noticed the trusses have a large empty space in the middle. Will this serve as additional attic/storage space for you?

  9. Hooray! It is so nice to see how your new space will tie in with the existing will be such a fantastice familiy space for you!

    Our walls on our addition are going up this is so fun to watch. It really helps to see it in 3-d! God bless,
    Karla in MN

  10. Oh My, I am a day late and a dollar ...well you know...I want to know "Is the family growing with the house or is the house growing with the family? Tee hee~! The pictures are great Jessica and wonderful to watch. Thanks for sharing! I am in the process of going the other direction, simplifying and moving to a smaller place. It is that time in life now. Bummers!


  11. Thank you everyone!

    Cathy ~ Yes, that will be an attic/storage area for us!! We are still trying to figure out where we will put the access - either in the laundry room ceiling (it would be tight) or a door off the back of the house).

    PJ ~ The house is most definitely growing with the family! ;) When we bought it I was pregnant with our oldest and it was only just over 1000 sq ft. We added on (bedrooms and bathrooms) when I was pregnant with Chiquita and now it's time to expand the living areas.

  12. I just love watching the progress. I wish you could post floor plans like they do in Better Homes and Gardens so we can see the before and "after" in the spaces you achieved! God bless on your very big undertaking!


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