Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mixed Feelings

I just had to laugh at myself for getting all sentimental seeing our trusty OLD harvest gold oven being tossed out of our kitchen today!

 You have served us well for the past 10 years that we've lived in this home.

I will miss you. . . At least for the next six weeks or so! ;) 


  1. It's like that sad feeling you get when you trade in your old car except your new one isn't going to be showing up for a while. I'll bet you'll be best friends, once you get to know each other! :)

  2. Okay, so how did you get your kitchen to look like "magazine model" clean?!

    P.S. I had just "stopped by" from visiting Waltzing Matilda's newest post on how people in magazines live. LOL

  3. I know how you feel. So many hours spent by that oven...feeding lovely meals to your loved ones. Ah, sniff* ok, on with life.

    By the way I visited Waltzing Matilda...hilarious!

  4. Just wait until you lose your sink! :) We redid our kitchen three years ago...we had some unexpected, ah, "issues" come up, and we were without a kitchen for much longer than planned. I got so sick and tired of washing dishes in the cooler, I swore I'd never complain about kitchen chores again once I was doign them in my nice, new kitchen. Oops. Forgot about that promise far too quickly!

  5. You'll be glad you have this picture. The kitchen is really the heart of the home when you use it as well as you use yours!~

  6. Charlotte ~ That is exactly what it is like! :)

    Patty ~ I laughed when I read your comment. . . I should post a picture of what it looks like now!!! My kitchen was *hardly* magazine model clean in this picture (the counters and floor needed to be scrubbed and there is a big wet spot on the towel hanging above the oven, etc.) but for some reason the lighting and setting on the camera was just perfect in this picture hiding most of those little details. lol!

    Josette ~ That's so true! This is the only kitchen my children have ever had and it hasn't been changed since our oldest was born- (when we bought the home we torn down paneling and painted, but that has been it.) So many memories have been created in this kitchen.

    Mel ~ Oh, my sink went with the oven yesterday!! I am officially WITHOUT a kitchen and my laundry room was torn out too! We stocked up on paper goods at Costco this weekend in preparation. I've moved my drainboard to the kids bathtub and ran to Walmart to buy a dishpan last night. It has been interesting around here to say the least!

    Appledapple ~ Yes, I think I will! In the past, when I took pictures in my kitchen, the camera was usually pointing away from my oven and cabinets or the photos were very carefully aimed to avoid my stuffed countertops and not so pretty oven! I was actually amazed at how spacious it looks in this picture with almost everything moved out. :)

  7. This kitchen looks almost exactly like the kitchen from my childhood home. Brought back more than a few memories looking at these pictures. My mom's favorite color was yellow and she just LOVED her harvest gold appliances!


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