Sunday, June 6, 2010

Look Who's Crawling!

I knew it wouldn't be long. Unlike our little Snuggles, who didn't crawl until he was nearly 10 months old, Rose is already on the go at 5 1/2 months!

Recorded on June 4th... 
...and she is getting around even better already!


  1. Love these milestones! How is the construction coming along?

  2. She IS determined, isn't she!?!

    The construction is coming along well. . . We had a downpour on Thursday which, combined with the tractor digging footings, created a HUGE mud mess in the yard/driveway, and the grass is pretty much gone outside my kitchen window, but I just keep reminding myself it will be SO worth it in the end (and we can replant grass!) lol! The plumber was here on Friday and it sounds like the slab will be poured on Tuesday!

    I still can't believe we have started, I've been dreaming about this remodel for so many years! :) It will be such a blessing!!

  3. Wowee! She is crazy young to be crawling, good for her! :)

  4. Yep. I agree. CRAZY YOUNG!! She was born 10 days early, rolled over from her back to tummy at just two months, and is already crawling. I want her to SLOW DOWN!!! Thankfully she still loves to just nurse and I have plenty of time for lots of snuggling. ♥

  5. My youngest started crawling at five months as well. She then went on to WALK at eight months!!! Watch out!!!

  6. Dear jessica,
    Wow she is fast, and so adorable. Our Arwen only started to bottom scoot at around 12 months. She is at 15 months starting to crawl (at mas yesterday) and walk around furniture. She only walks when we hold her hand.
    Glad your renovations are going well.
    God Bless

  7. wow, so cute. She has such a beautiful little face. My other babies don't usually start to crawl until 9 months or so, but I think our little one is like your Rose. She is already doing the rocking back and forth on her knees. I keep telling her to slow down.

  8. We're here again. Peaches wanted to "watch the cute baby." She was eating her breakfast before and couldn't see it close enough "to touch her."

  9. THANK YOU for sharing! She is just adorable and quite determined! +JMJ+

  10. Uh-Oh! Time to drop the mattress :)

  11. Wow! I can hardly believe how fast Rose is's too soon, but she is soooo cute!
    How is construction going? We are done with footings and foundation on our addition...they work so fast!

  12. Wow, Jessica!!! She's amazing! The kids and I loved watching her. They still pray for her heart every night.

    God bless!


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