Saturday, June 5, 2010

For My Little Flowers

Remember these?  I finally had a chance to finish them tonight, in addition to painting a few more, just in time for our Little Flowers Tea Party tomorrow afternoon.  Whew!!  I sure hope the girls like them!


  1. Just popped in for a few minutes on line and I get to see these beauties.

    Jessica, they are great and I sure wish I was a "Little Flower" to recieve such a nice gift.

    Have a great tea!

  2. Jessica I am sure they will love them, they are absolutely gorgeous....I know I would love one.

    Have a lovely fun day tomorrow.
    God Bless, hugs Robyn.

  3. Those look wonderful, Jessica! I'm sure they will be loved.

  4. What a great job Jessica! They are absolutely lovely ! PJ

  5. Dear Jessica,
    They look so lovley.
    I have really enjoyed painting ours too.
    I am doing one for everyone's birthday this year of a favourite of birthday saint. I am hping it will continue on and the children will have a collection of their own over time.
    God Bless

  6. Thank you everyone! The girls and I are really looking forward to the tea this afternoon!!

  7. Our Little Flowers tea party is in a couple of weeks. Too late for me to paint them for this year...definately next year. Yours turned out just lovely!

  8. wonderful! one more idea of yours that i can copy. what would i do without you??? :)
    have a blessed sunday & tea.
    love, lena

  9. Jessica: Those are so sweet. Those little girls are going to love them. Too pretty!

    And inspirational. I want to paint some, too, but we're in the middle of packing for a move. But all I want to do now is paint. ; )

    Many blessings to you and the the little recipients of these cuties.

  10. Love them Jessica! They all look so cute standing there together.

    I might have to make some of these for our Little Flowers next year.


  11. These are so sweet! I bet your Little Flowers will *love* them! Wish I had something as wonderful prepared for out Little Flowers Lucheon this week...that's ok, they'll enjoy whatever I have set before them I think :)

  12. How could they not love them?

  13. What a GREAT idea!!! When I find an extra 10 minutes (or, you know, just one would do!), I might try to do this for our girls.

    What size are the wooden figures?

  14. Thank you everyone! The girls all DID love their little St. Therese Dolls. :) Yay!!!

    Aimee ~ These were the smallest size, the 2" girl dolls. You can see the three different sizes together in this post.

  15. They LOVED them! You did a lovely job!


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