Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catholic Cuisine

I just posted a recent news report by Rome Reports over at Catholic Cuisine.  I thought it turned out cute and wanted to share it with you all here as well!

You can read the whole article here:
 Food Blog with a Catholic Touch 

Although I am not quite sure what "Pentecost Parfait" is (It does sound good!), we do have a new recipe for Grasshopper Parfaits, which Charlotte just posted in honor of the upcoming feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptist!

Thank you Rome Reports! 


  1. Oh Jessica aren't you proud ?
    How fun ! I sure am proud of you ,and so ,so grateful for all and everything you teach me every ,single day.
    I wish you knew how often I thank God for you.

  2. I am just thrilled to see this report! It is about time! I have been shouting to the roof tops for all friends and people I know in our faith to visit this blog! Alleluhia!
    Now maybe the word will get out! Congratulations Jessica and all of those who make this site possible with all of their input and hard work! It is truly amazing!



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