Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blue Knights End of Year Festival

I'll be back sometime soon to post pictures from our lovely Little Flowers Girls' Club Mother/Daughter Tea Party this afternoon, but first here are some pictures from this year's Blue Knights Festival!

~ The Invitations ~

~ The Knights Fortress ~ 

~ The Knights Table ~ 

~ Feasting ~ 

Drumsticks, Meatballs, Salads, Rolls, Veggies, Grapes and Cheeses! 

~ Festivities ~

Name the Saint:

Father/Son Tournament:
Each Knight completed a series of challenges based on the virtues from the year, with the help of their Fathers.  They had so much fun!  

Challenge #1:  Virtue of Faith
Build a Church out of Blocks
If you tell my Husband to "Build a Church,"  you can be sure that it will be built in the shape of a cross!

Challenge #2:  Virtue of Humility
Sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat as loud as you can 3 times, despite "how bad" you may sound singing! 

Challenge #3:  Virtue of Love of God
The Craft/Symbol for this virtue was the arrow, so the boys were to throw three arrows through a hoop.
Yes, Captain takes most directions quite literally! 

Challenge #4:  Virtue of Self-Control
Hop on one foot for 10 seconds and freeze for five seconds.

Challenge #5:  Virtue of Respect
The Knight does three things requested by the Father.

Challenge #6:  Virtue of Work
Hammer three nails into a piece of wood.

Challenge #7:  Virtue of Fear of God
Using your shield protect yourself with a healthy "Fear of God" as you run to the finish line while your Father throws bean bags at you!  
The Dads (and Boys!!) all loved this one!  It *almost* made up for making them sing! ;) 

I wasn't listening too well when the game was explained, but the last two Virtues (Hope and Justice) probably had to do with Hoping to get the best time and Justice (Prizes) for completing the course... 

~ A Few More Pictures ~

~ The Blue Knights ~ 

 Dear St. Joseph, who took such good care of the baby Jesus and His Holy Mother Mary, be our protector too.  Guide us on a path that is safe and sure and be with us all the way to heaven.  Amen.


  1. Your family never cases to amaze me! Great job teaching the faith! You are sure an inspiration! What wonderful memories.

  2. Your family never cases to amaze me! Great job teaching the faith! You are sure an inspiration! What wonderful memories.

  3. Oh How I wished I could be a kid again and live my life all over again ! What a wonderful life you are all providing and what a wonderful learning experience in living the faith while learning it. What a great job you all do! PJ

  4. Wow! Now what young knight wouldn't love being part of that?

  5. Awesome! Would you mind sharing how you made the arrows?

  6. If I remember correctly, the arrows were made with wooden dowels by attaching a pointed pencil eraser (painted silver) to the end and then feathers to the other end.

  7. Mil gracias!!!!! justo lo que estaba buscando! Dios los bendiga!!!! que lindo les quedó todo!!!!


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