Saturday, May 22, 2010

Young Hunters Day ~ 2010

Today we attended another annual Young Hunters Day.  What a perfect field trip as we get ready to start "X/Y" week on Monday!!

Young Hunters Day is a free fun filled day, sponsored by our local Hunters Association. The children could participate in archery, shotgun/skeet/laser shooting, fishing, pelt identification, and tomahawk throwing, with safety emphasized of course. Every child present could win one of the many raffle prizes and a yummy BBQ lunch was provided as well.

Unlike last year, which was super hot, today was cold and rainy (at times), but that didn't stop the children from having a super fun time!

Here are a few pictures from the day:

~ Archery Shooting ~

~ Rescued Animals ~

I only took pictures of the Red-tailed Hawk and the Barn Owl, but they also had a Box Turtle and a Hedgehog which had to be put inside since it was too cold. 

~ Pelt Identification ~

~ Tomahawk Throwing ~

~ Raffle Prizes ~

At the end of the day there is a raffle.  Each child receives a ticket and when their name gets called they get to go into the building to choose their prize.  I always love seeing what each child chooses!  This year Captain picked out a tent, Twinkle Toes picked a pink princess camping chair, and Chiquita picked a set of sidewalk crayons and bubbles.   It looks like I missed getting a picture of Rascal with his new Fishing Pole...

... and Snuggles has hardly set down his new backpack. 

Even Rose enjoyed the day! 


  1. That looks like a lot of fun for the kids. I'm amazed that your daughter was touching the pelts. I'm not sure that mine would.

    Those are awesome raffle prizes! They are all perfect for the summertime.

  2. Those ARE awesome raffle prizes! Hunting isn't the same down south as it is up north we've found. They've now switched from bowhunting to bowfishing.

  3. I wish we had known about this! The kids would have LOVED it!


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