Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Sixth Good Shepherd's Garden Party :: Oh! What a Beautiful City!

Yesterday afternoon, after Mass, we had our sixth Good Shepherd's Garden Party! While the girls and I were busy making the Chocolate Covered Strawberries and other goodies, Hubby fired up our grill and made hamburgers for the first time this year!   It was a nice and relaxing (with Handel playing in the background!) end to a very busy week!

I did end up making a few changes to our plans, but it all came together very nicely and was enjoyed by everyone.

~ The City Gates ~

To keep things simple, and because they worked so perfectly during week 1, we ended up making Charlotte's Graham Cracker Gates.  (I plan on letting my children have the rest of the pretzels and cheese cubes for a snack sometime this week.)   This time we used cinnamon graham crackers and the kids loved them even more. 

~ The Temple ~

These were so much fun and the children LOVED the umbrellas and cherries!  

~ The Thrones ~

After weeks of trying to come up with a menu item that would work for "the thrones," I finally came up with something!!! Can you tell that I was excited!  ;-)   Didn't they turn out cute?

We used Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries, Frosted Wildberry Acai, cut them not quite in half, and then stuck the taller side on the top end of the shorter side using a little of the leftover melted almond bark from the Strawberries.  We then cut pirouette cookies, also attaching them with almond bark, for the arms and legs of the throne.  

~ The Bride & The Groom ~

The Bride & Groom Strawberries were very yummy and the perfect size for sitting on the throne.  Hubby and I especially loved hearing all the little things that the "Brides & Grooms" were "saying" to each other! lol! 

We also decorated the table with our Wedding Candle.  My friend Dee Dee mentioned planning on decorating for their Garden Party with her own wedding decorations and I loved the idea!

~ The Crown ~ 

We've had so much cake lately, and I plan to make another for Penecost, so these Peanut Butter and Jelly Crown Shaped Sandwiches were super easy to make using the cookie cutter that Twinkle Toes received in her Easter basket!

~ A Couple More Pictures ~

Our little Rose was having so much fun sitting up in her bouncy seat and trying to grab the corner of the table cloth.  It won't be too much longer before she will be joining us for meals (not that she isn't usually sitting in my lap most of the time anyways).  I can't believe that she is 5 months old already. . . We are enjoying every minute with her, and they are all flying by way too fast! 

Please head over to Catholic Cuisine to see the pictures from everyone else's Good Shepherd's Garden Parties, or to share pictures from you own.

I hope you enjoy this last week of the Easter season!


  1. Looks so lovely! I am hoping that next year I can do this as well. It wasn't in the cards for us this year! Too much craziness. But you have inspired me!

  2. What wonderful ideas!
    I recently found your blog...and just love it!

    I'm having a giveaway.....and love to make new blog friends!

    I'm a Catholic momma of 6 little blessings so far! I homeschool a few of my kiddos!

    Warm Blessings,

  3. cute! And yes, the thrones were brilliant. The shirley temples, I saw that and thought, "Shirley Temples, why on earth...oh, Shirley *Temples*", lol.

  4. Yes . . . The Shirley *Temples* are quite a stretch, but made a very nice addition to the menu. lol!

  5. Oh, I love it all, Jessica! Your "thrones" are pure genius and your "brides" came out lovely! And what a great idea to use your wedding candle as the centerpiece!

    Rose is getting to be SO big! I can't believe she is already sitting up and reaching for the table! Little Man can barely hold up his head...I have a hard time remembering that he will probably be making his milestones later then the rest of my children.

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    God bless.

  6. Holy cow! She's ready to climb out of the bouncy seat!!! She's getting so big. I love the thrones and the sandwiches look like a great idea.

  7. First of all.....the thrones are amazing. I don't think I've seen something that brilliant since the taco. Also, "Rose" is soooooo cute!!! I want to hold her :( Soon!! tell the kids and "Hubby" hi for me! Love you sister of mine!

  8. I love your spread. Everything looks so lovely! I didn't know what the thrones were made of at first, then my 9 year old happened to walk by and asked are those pop tarts??? She and I were very impressed! I love how Snuggles is reaching for the cherry, my kids wanted more cherries, too! Thanks again for the inspiration :)

  9. What a great idea for thrones! And the strawberries are beautiful!


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