Thursday, April 29, 2010

Twenty Questions... Or less!

I don't have much time this morning, since I am preparing for our last Little Flowers meeting this afternoon, but since I typed this post up last night I thought I would go ahead and post it since I wanted to record one more memory from our trip to the coast.  

On the drive over we had so much fun teaching the children how to play Twenty Questions. . .  For T Week! ;)

Here is how the first couple games went after explaining how to play:

Game One
Me: "Okay, I am thinking of something."
Captain: "Is it a person?"
Me: "Yes."
Hubby: "Is it Pope Benedict?"
Me (laughing): "Are you serious!?! Yep, that was FAST! Now it is your turn."

Game Two
Hubby: "Okay, I am ready."
Me: "Is it a place?"
Hubby: "Yes."
Twinkle Toes: "Daddy, is it the Ocean?"
Hubby: "Yes!"

And just like that it was Twinkle Toes turn. It was too funny! She finally came up with something that was slightly harder for the rest of us to guess, but Rascal guessed it (Daddy) on the 6th question ("Does he wear glasses?). We continued playing for at least an hour before moving on to another car game.

Since Sunday we have played quite a few times.  Last night, on our way home from town the girls and I played another game:

Twinkle Toes:  "I'm ready!"
Chiquita:  "Is it a person?"
Twinkle Toes (hesitantly):  "Yes."
Me: "Is he living?"  
Twinkle Toes: "Ummm. What do you mean?"
Me: "Is he alive, or has died and is in Heaven?"
Twinkle Toes:  "Ummmm.  Both."
Chiquita:  "Is it JESUS?!"
Twinkle Toes (smiling):  "Yes, you guessed it!  Jesus rose from the dead and now lives in Heaven!"

It's been so sweet listening to them play this game!

Alright, I have to get back to work or I am never going to be ready by this afternoon.  I hope you all have a great day! 


  1. How fun! We love car games too. :)

    And my husband is the same
    way with me, always guessing what I've picked right away! Even completely random stuff with just one or two questions, lol!

  2. That too cute! We're planning a trip in a few months, I'll have to remember this one. The boy'll love it.

  3. this post made me smile. Just ordinary sweet to just play a game with the kids.

  4. It sounds sooo fun. I like car games too.


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